More self defence

When seconds count, the cops are just minutes away.

Lunchtime BJJ at GB Sea. My eyes were a little irritated from my contacts, so I had to wear my glasses to see the drills and then take them off to perform. It was a real PITA.

The prof and a white belt guy used me for a practice dummy to work Del a Riva sweeps before class. Then Steve came in and walked around shaking everyone’s hand on the mat. When he got to me, he seemed to be bracing himself. I can’t imagine why. Certainly not because I would use the handshake to yank myself into Del a Riva guard and try to take him down, then cross collar choke him from guard. When he didn’t tap to the choke, I sit-up swept him and counted points for mount.

More "self defense" today.

Same standing front straight-arm choke defense as yesterday (with throw and kimura lock). I was fortunate enough to drill with Steve, who also complimented my throws. I was putting him down harder than I had put Lindsey down… not because I like him less, but because he’s a purple belt and I figure he can take it. big grin

Next: opponent is in your guard, and stands up in preparation for squatting to punch you in the face. You open guard and slide down the legs, staying close and up on your shoulders. Feet on hir hips. Brace one foot and use the other to punch straight up into the chin. Both feet back on hips, shove hir away. When s/he comes back, Lean on elbow and technical lift-kick to just below knee. Rise up on hand and do it again, to just above knee. I had trouble remembering to stay on the elbow for the first one… but when I failed to do so, I had no range left for #2.

Then: opponent is in your closed guard, punching at your face. You parry two punches, gripping the wrists (not the gi sleeves) lightly and letting the fists continue to your cross ears. On punch #3, you yank a little harder and stuff the other hand. Triangle.

Steve and I had good feedback exchange. He noted that my triangles sucked on my bad side (my wording, not his), and it took us a little back and forth before we finally figured out that I wasn’t hipping up high enough on my awkward side. For his weak side triangle, I noted that his body was too straight to mine and that he should probably be more diagonal. As soon as he adjusted that, the choke made my eyes feel like they were bugging out of my head… much tighter.

I always go out of my way to be verbally appreciative of my favorite drilling partners, so I made sure to take time at the end of class to tell him how much I value his input.

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