If you see the situation clearly enough, you can almost always cheat from the other person’s point of view. You can almost always break rules that are only rules that exist in the other person’s head. And that is a huge advantage. -Rory Miller

GB won the adult gi and adult overall trophies at this weekend’s Revolution. The rest of the results are not up yet, but there’s a pic of Ron on the podium with a bronze.

Sunday’s FOD: Leopard Fist. Note that for the two iron needles, you support the arm at the WRIST, not at the elbow. I leep forgetting that. I think my brain keeps wanting to rescind back to Five Animals, where you support a spear hand at the same angle- with the same hand- at the elbow.


You will note that the egg comes before the chicken in the first part of the day, but the chicken comes before the egg in the second half of the day. So the question remains unanswered; or more likely irrelevent- in light of the fact that it is an endless mobious strip of bland protein.

I could eat a Volkswagen this morning.

More results up now:

Black 181.0 & Below
1st Carlos Sievert
of course.

GB missed the adult no-gi trophy by 5 points.

Rianna and Alecia throw down again! And apparently there was an even meaner she-dog on the block than either of them; as Rianna got silver (gi and no-gi) and Alecia didn’t even place. This was advanced no-gi women’s 147 and below. Alecia got 1st in gi, although she was competing in white belt (come on, really?).

Monday FOD: Little Red Dragon.

135.0. WTF?!???

Recieved the new serrated Spyderco knife today. I have needed to replace my pink serrated Spyderco for a long time, as the screws were so loose that it was disassembling itself in my pocket. Also, I had broken the tip off the blade. They don’t replace blades (esp if it’s due to your own negligence, which this was) and unfortunately they don’t make that particular knife any more. I had been stalling on replacing it, because I really wanted a matched set with my straight Spyderco (except for color and serration), but I finally decided to settle- before I find myself needing to cut someone out of the seat belt in a burning car, and NEED that serrated edge.

The new knife is a bit heavier, very slightly larger, and has a few structural changes. Think it will be fine, though. I will likely paint the handle with a bright color of nail enamel so that I can easily tell them apart in low light (I don’t like pink, but that’s why I picked the pink, before).

It sure feels good to have a knife on each flank again. I had been feeling so unbalanced.


I had a gun dream today. Interesting. I think that’s the first time. I didn’t shoot anybody. It was the apocalypse, and I pulled a gun on some baddies who were trying to rob us of our gasoline. In real life, I of course would not pull a gun on anyone for stealing gas- but this was the APOCALYPSE, and I guess we really needed that fuel to survive. Besides which, I’m fairly sure that the guy I pulled the gun on was an android.

Wednesday: Lunchtime BJJ at GB Sea. It was like an oven in there today. Even the prof- who is from BRAZIL- said that he felt like he was in a microwave.

GUILLOTINES!!!!! Whoo-hoo! My favorite! Opponent double-legs, you sprawl and guillotine, jump guard, finish. Then, the defense: as opponent sticks a foot forward to sit, you "slide into home" on the same side, while turning into hir and shrugging your shoulder. The head turn and shrug must be a whole-body movement, cuz just doing the legs part ain’t gonna cut it.

I had to sit out the first two rounds of rolling. Aside from the heat and humidity, this is the week post-Revolution, and the profs always tend to be particularly vigorous with warmups and drills in the week or two after a comp. I was spent. I watched Marc roll with Bryn, and Marc got a tap! I congratulated him. Bryan does not give you taps easily.

I did one roll with Dave, and then some open mat with Bryan. You may recall that the last time I rolled with him (last week), I noted in my blog "stop sticking your arms up while Bryan is on top". Guess what I did today? Dang it. I told him to just keep right on subbing me viciously; sooner or later it would sink in.

I did get one brief moment of joy: I was KOB’ing him, and he was telling me to not do something that I had just done, and I said, "Okay, but it did work insofar as I got KOB." "Huh?" "KOB. I have KOB on you. Right now." He had to look. He didn’t even feel me slip my knee in there, nor did he feel me perched there. That really is a nice little move for me.


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