“Don’t theenk, just squat”

We must defend ourselves according to our opponents’ ability, not their intentions. -Koushun Takami

That is Prof Carlos, on the poster for July’s Revolution!

Friday FOD: Plum Blosson Fist fragment. No longer have to think hard about this.

Saturday FOD: Long Qi. Uh, I *did* have to think about this, because the beginning is the same as the beginning of Little Red Dragon. I hate that.

Sunday FOD: Plum Blossom, again. I think I have 3 tokens for this one in the bowl. I’m taking this token out now.

Monday FOD: Chen Dao. Trouble with the weight shift just before the three 360 spins. It goes from a cat stance (rt toe fwd and up) to a step with the left foot, and I just couldn’t reconcile the balance. Had to rep it about eight times before I was finally able to shut my brain off enough to just *DO* it- at which point it of course went fine.

Exceedingly odd interlude Tuesday


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