A Ninja Turtle- a Really Tired One

You need to distinguish between damage and distraction.

If you let yourself get distracted, it works. And if it is novel, people tend to get distracted. -Rory Miller

Before class: a few reps of the Spear Hand fragments and the Green Dragon fragments.

Dayum, I feel like I’ve been run over by a cement mixer which then backed up and ran over me again. I went to the new Competition Training class that’s been added in Bellevue for 5:30. Of course, comp training is continual drills and spars with no rest and constant hectoring by the teacher to go faster, faster. I got tired pretty fast. I can also still feel twinges from the stuff we did in acrobalance last night.

I had had some more of my egg/cheese/bacon/mushroom mix before lunchtime class, and I just couldn’t face eggs again this afternoon, so I had one of my premeasured 1-cup chicken a la king meals. I wonder if I would have done better with the egg, as far as keeping the energy up. I was torn, but I honestly thought if I had more eggs, they may well be making an encore appearance on the mat tonight- so no.

As always, Prof Carlos was effusive with enthusiastic glee at the fact that I was doing another class today. He pointed to another guy and said that that guy was also on class #2 (he’d done the 4:30 all-levels). I asked if that guy was going to stay for the 6:30 class as well, and he was like, "Oh, no, no, no, no, no…" I said, "So this means I have to stay for the 6:30 class in order to stay ahead of this guy?" I honestly did not intend to do a 3rd class- especially since the 1st class was all spars, the 2nd class was competition class, and the third class was advanced- all more demanding than your garden-variety begining or all-levels classes. But dang- I am *such* a suck-up for teacher approval. Carlos’s kid-like bubbly joy at seeing me bust my ass is particularly hard to resist. He also informed the guys- it was just me and five biggish white belts in there today (it’s a new class that was just added, so a lot of people don’t really know about it yet)- that if I made any faces while I was rolling with them, he was going to roll with that guy next and smash him. So I was really careful to not make any faces!

We did some outer reaps first- I like these, but my partner was over a foot taller than I, so it was a little tricky. Then side control vs replace closed guard drills. Then we all sparred with each other.

Advanced class was all spars, again (!!) Not sure if this was better or worse than the alternative!

Jim was there, and I haven’t seen him in something like a year. This has certainly been a month for a whole bunch of MIA’s to reappear. What’s more, he was wearing a purple belt! He was really overweight when he first joined. He’s gotten really good, and gotten in so much better shape. He was no spring chicken when he first joined, either. Excellent inspirational story, Jim is.

Ron (twice), Mike, Jamie, Jim, a purple belt guy whose name I have already forgotten. Of course Carlos (who was on the other mat teaching the beginner class) poked his head in just as I was sprawled on the floor taking a break. He gave me a look, and I said, "I just fought two purple belts back to back!!!" Tired as I was, I think I played a decent defensive game; all these guys were a lot better (and bigger) than me (except for Ron, who is a lot better but only a little bigger).

Ron called me a Ninja Turtle because I was wearing my green gi.


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