A while back, I made a traffic stop on an elderly woman. As she looked for her driver’s license, I noticed her concealed-carry permit.
"Do you have a weapon in your possession at this time?" I asked.
"Yes, a .45 automatic in the glove box," she said.
"Do you have any other firearms?"
"A 9mm Glock in the center console."
"Is that all?"
"And a .38 Special in my purse," she admitted.
I smiled. "What are you so afraid of?"
Looking me righti n the eye, she said, "Not a damn thing."
-Patrick Irick

Friday no-gi at Sleeper.

Generic armbar drills & triangle drills. Then slightly more involved: With opponent in your guard, pull elbows out to break posture, high whizzer one bicep and triangle. Then, same entry but armbar. Note that it helps to cross-grab the opposite shoulder and yank the opponent’s posture down before moving your hips.

Next, with opponent in your guard- yank hir arm crossways across your chest and get your butt out to the side. Post on hir hand on the mat, get your near hook in. Take the back in various ways. One thing you can do that’s a little different is to reach over hir back and grab hir far ankle. Also, try to keep your first-hook-ankle hooked around hir foot so that when you roll, you can kick that leg out straight and strech hir, and immobilize. I’m not sure this will work on a larger person, but it sure does hurt- especially when your attacker has sharp bony ankles (Cindy!)

I drilled with Jalen- I do like working with him. We knocked out the reps of everything like gangbusters, and then switched again and just kept repping while we waited for everyone else to finish; got about 3x as much done as the other pairs.

Little sparring with Cindy, Jalen, a couple of the other guys. Jalen is very close to my size and we’re pretty evenly matched. I can’t tell for sure if he’s going easy on me- he does go quite a bit wilder on Cindy. Anyway, I seem to be slightly ahead of him in that I do get a sub on him once in a great while, and he is ahead of me in that he spends more time in dominant positions. Most of Cindy’s students are also training wrestling- she has a wrestling coach who comes in- and that really shows in how they fight.

I asked Cindy to work on sweeps with me, by getting on top of me in various positions and pretending to be a white belt- so I could just move around under there and experiment with the balance. I was looking for where she could post, and trying to identify the sweep opportunities. My brain is just not SEEING these, even doing it in slow-mo with focus like this- much less live. That exercise did help, so I hape to do it some more.

It’s fun to watch Cindy and Jalen spar. They get wild and grin a lot. The rougher it gets, the more Cindy grins.

Saturday lunchtime at GB Seattle. (I had a rather traumatic experience on the drive in