Crotch levers

We only suffer when we hold onto an objection to some aspect of reality.

Wednesday: 134.0

Somnalist Trauma Theater was running an all-night marathon last night (there were no pharmaceuticals involved). Six or seven lengthy and detailed nightmares in a row. Sleep very poor, but I was good and dragged my tired self to class.

Got Bryan again- poor guy- he must be getting tired of me this week, but I always make a point to sincerely thank him. We also got Sonia in a trio, after she came in for the final 20 min or so.

Turtle to replacing guard. Guy is hugging your waist from behind. Put both your feet to one side of hir knees, straighten the leg nearest hir, grab hir pants at the knee on the OTHER side. Turn toward the side that you grabbed the pants on, sit out, grab triceps.

After a few rounds of drilling this, we added a guard pass. Note that when you put a knee up to the ceiling in the other guy’s guard, that knee should start out on the INSIDE of your arm (ie, you’re hugging your own knee). Also do not forget to have a grounded, wide base going on.

I was too tired to stay for one live roll, let alone two, but I did. Sonia and then JM. Sonia neck-cranked me, but apparently it would have been a choke of some sort had my headgear not been in the way. JM ankle-locked me. Since we don’t do a whole lot of below-the-waist subs here (and white belts aren’t allowed to), I often forget to watch for it… I didn’t realize what he was doing until too late. He did give me a really nice compliment on my work, and it was definitely *NOT* my best work today, sluggish as I was- so that was nice.

I have to come to lunchtime class at Bellevue tomorrow whether I feel like it or not, as Carlos asked if I was going to be there and I told him yes.

Circus school (acrobalance). Hilarity level was high tonight- as evidenced by the fact that we were working on "asshats" and "crotch levers". I’ll just leave those to your fertile imaginations.

Note that Circus School is an entertainment industry- so unlike at martial arts schools, it is okay to dance your way through warmups and stretches.

Remembering that I want to try to not always find myself working with the novice bases, I purposefully maneuvered myself into Willis’ group tonight (although I did trade off with one of the other guys a couple of times).

I did not attempt the stacking, although they almost got up to 4 people. When the stack began to collapse, Jenny (on top) LAUNCHED herself spread-eagled into one of the spotter’s arms. It was dramatic! Too bad no video.

A few new things; I did well as long as I had someone to talk me through it. Like martial arts choreography, I do not retain acrobatic choreography well, and can’t remember which hand goes where.

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