Even people who are completely devoted to cultivating a certain discipline often fall into a mental rut, a disengaged lifestyle that implies excellence can be obtained by going through the motions. We lose presence. Then an injury or some other kind of setback thows a wrench into the gears. We are forced to get imaginative. -Josh Waitzkin, The Art Of Learning

Saturday: 133.0

Razzafrack! I was all dressed and had my stuff in the car, ready to leave for a double header BJJ at both schools. One of the diabetic cats tested a little low, and instead of going to class, I found myself stuck here all day babysitting him to make sure his glucose didn’t tank.

(That’s his pic at the top- isn’t he a cutie? I really don’t want him to croak, even though he made me miss class.)

Sunday: 133.0

Lunchtime BJJ Gracie Seattle. This was a Lindsey class, which was cool. One guy with a minor injury was rolling a little before class and then ducked out as we were starting- because he had an injury, and as he said, "this class is notorious for leaving you with two or three days of pain". I had to share that comment with Lindsey- who was delighted, as I knew he’d be.

I worked with Abby, one of the white belt girls who began in Lindsey’s self defense class. Half guard stuff. I’m good at getting out of top half guard, so I was able to give her pointers. In bottom half guard (my nemesis), I was pleasantly shocked to find that I was actually able to get out, for a change. I was even able to do a few sweeps. I so rarely work with white belts, it is just surreal to be able to try things (especially sweeps, which I eternally suck at) and actually have them WORK. Also, I was just so relaxed and calm. No pressure, no anxiety… just ho-hum, look around for opportunities, do this, do that, pretty much everything I attempted worked. And it’s not as if she was really bad; she was actually doing well. She was just a white belt.

Then I had a roll with Dave and a roll with John. They are both about my rank and only a small amount heavier. Again a pleasant surprise- I had good competitive rolls with both of them. I felt like I deserved my belt today- which is still unusual enough to warrent comment.

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