The “eat small meals only when hungry” technique

The perils of the "eat small amounts only when hungry" method……


Kitsune: "Work is caught up. We can take a break if we want. We could eat something….?"

Kitsune’s stomach: "Nahh, I’m not hungry."

Kitsune’s depression: "Yo, broad, you got any chocolate? No? {heavy sigh} Then you better give me another caffeine hit, or else I’ll swallow you. Let’s stop at Safeway on the way home and get some chocolate, eh? Or some red velvet cupcakes. How about both?"

Kitsune’s stomach: "Still not hungry. But you know I won’t complain if you send down some doughnuts."


Kitsune’s stomach: "YAAAAAAAAAHHHHRRRGGGGH! STARVING! STARVING HERE! **HEY**, we’re starving!!! I know you’re busy now, but I’m not going to let you focus on anything till you feed me."

Kitsune’s depression: "See, idiot, if you had a box of peanut butter bars in your bag, we wouldn’t be having this issue."

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