A wounded deer leaps the highest. -Emily Dickinson

Lunchtime BJJ at GB Seattle.

Pulling guard from standing, situp sweep, failed situp sweep transitioned to kimura.

I drilled with a new white belt woman that I’ve never seen before….

King of the hill, pass vs sweep. Everybody swept me, but I made them all work hard for it- except Prof Carlos of course, who swept me in about half a second.

One roll with Vince, then I was exhausted and took my jacket off. But Prof Carlos was motioning me over.

8 minutes… a long time of which was spent trapped in scarf. For a good while he was choking me, and I was able to jam my hand in there well enough to not have to tap, but I couldn’t get away. He just kept slowly tightening. I’m never sure if he’s wanting me to tap or wanting me to hold out when he does that. I held out.

Evening BJJ at Sleeper. Cindy was not there, so Eric was teaching. It was just us, a big wrestler guy, and a female boxer… so Eric got a real workout, round-robin style. It was supposed to be gi night, so I made him put on a gi top (although he didn’t have any gi pants). I collar-choked him a lot. Poor Eric, he’s not a big fan of gi!

CK is going to be in town from the 26th to the 4th. I waffled about seeing her at all, because it is almost certainly going to sink me into A Mood. In fact it’s sinking me into A Mood already, just knowing she’s coming. Haven’t decided if I’m just going to keep my mouth shut, or if I’m going to tell her that I’m no longer SK’s student. Either way, I am *NOT* going to discuss details. I’m just not very happy about the idea of her getting erroneous details from other people.

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