This is the universal hand signal for GO AWAY! (Holds handgun in firing position.)

The FOD is Kiu Two.

Lunchtime BJJ at Gracie Seattle.

It was hard to drag myself out- but I’m hoping that since I did, I will not have a huge battle to try to get to sleep tonight.

It’s supposed to be "advanced" (which sometimes tips the balance of me deciding to not go, when I’m wavering due to feeling tired or brain-dead), but the last few times I’ve gone, it has turned out to be something like "competition class" instead- lots of warmups and calisthenics, several sessions of timed positional training, then timed matches with various people. I spent most of the time working with Sonia. I started to try to keylock her once, then said aloud, "Oh, yeah, I forgot- I can’t keylock you!" She of the double-jointed arms. She then insisted that I *could*, as long as I had really good technique. Okay, so maybe it’s not fruitless to try.

I also rolled with Angus and Z. I got trapped in bottom halfguard with Angus. With Z, I’m used to getting tossed around like a catnip ball gets tossed around by a kitten- so this time I got on top and made myself as drapey and heavy as possible. He still swept me a couple of times, but that worked better than any of my previous efforts against him.

Note than Rodrigo commented that I need to "use my hands" more.

Ran through some Kiu Two, and Hurricane Hands In the Mirror.

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