Friday’s FOD was Cannon Fist, so I started transcribing it, it being one of the only two forms I have yet to transcribe. I had to stop after a while, though, because I ran into one area where it seemed to switch direction a few too many times. I want to review the vid before I go further. Once I’m facing the wrong direction, all the ensuing directional cues in the transcription will be messed up. That’s what happened in the Chen Dao form (I still have yet to go back and clean that one up after discovering that I inserted a half-turn too many about a third of the way through).

Feeling preoccupied with Bung Bo Kuen In the Mirror. The tricky arm sequence right after the knee slap- I have practiced that a lot, and it is coming smoother. The section after that, when I ventured into trying it, is a train wreck. The first part of the form is feeling pretty good off the "wrong" side, though. I never would have thought I’d be this comfortable with Bung Bo Kuen even off the RIGHT side.

Friday evening no-gi at Cindy’s. You really notice the extra mat space when it comes time for warm-ups, especially the Dead Bugs.

Triangles and armbars from guard. I am getting more comfortable with the techniques (at least as long as I’m not trying to work on my retarded side), but I still feel very tentative about them. There are so many places in the sequence where it just feels like the guy ought to be able to power out. I spend so much time having guys power out of everything I’m trying to do; and it makes me afraid to try (or feeling like I might as well not bother to try). I kept stopping and asking SK, "Can you get your arm out of there? Really? Try to sit up. Are you sure you can’t get out of that?"

Spars with him, Cindy, and George. I tapped SK out and was really excited about it. I can’t remember the last time I tapped him out. Although, to be fair, he had just finished getting stomped by both George and Cindy in succession, so he was pretty exhausted.

Saturday’s FOD is Wood Monkey.

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