BJJ makes your henna tattoos disappear faster.


Note #1: BJJ makes your henna tattoos disappear faster. Sad

Note #2:Next time I want to do 2 clock-choke classes in one day, rethink that.

Lunchtime BJJ at Gracie Bellevue (The Danger Room). Drilled with Kelly (glad to see her still training). Clock chokes, transitioning to the one with the hand behind the head if it doesn’t work. Peeling open the turtle.

Evening BJJ at Gracie Seattle- Second verse, same as the first. With JB, whose technicality is excellent and chokes are Not Fooling Around. Definitely approaching blue belt level work.

By the time I got out of there, I had a headache and gi burn.

I didn’t do any free rolling today.

Oh, Rene got his purple belt last night!

After the second class, I had to drive to Eatonville to pick up my cat from the catsitter. The headache persisted and got worse, and some nausea joined in. Luckily I made it home before puking my guts up in a spectacular fashion and lying on the bathroom floor with a cold cloth on my face. I think that’s the worst headache I’ve ever had in my life. The puking was intense as well- I half expected to see my toenails floating around in there. I feel okay today, although I didn’t get much sleep.

I have not done the Form Of the Day for the last two days. The day I got back from my trip, it just plain slipped my mind. Yesterday, I planned to do that Form Of the Day plus Monday’s FOD and get caught up, but I was too busy being sick as a dog. I plan to do all three forms today: Chen jian form, Silken Needle, Box Form.

So, the trip itself, if anyone cares:

"Drum till ya puke"- I’ve joked about this before, but one of my Hunt drummers took it literally this year.

I gained six pounds on vacation, back up to 130! It was way too hot to get any formwork done (and when it wasn’t broiling, it was raining). My Herald volunteers were moderately reliable, but the new site was much better than either of the two previous sites in that respect. It was mostly flat, and a lot less disseminated. Two Heralds could have covered it in a pinch (and did so, a few times). It was great to have Dru as a third Herald coordinator- that worked out very well for everyone. Thus, I spent way too much time sitting on my butt around the Herald Camp fire and eating bad things. The very first thing Rhonda said to me- even before "Hello" was, "Are you even SMALLER???!! Why??! Why are you even smaller???!?" The most exercise-like thing I did (aside from the Hunt) was when we stayed up at the fire till 2:30 am on Monday night and laughed hysterically like a bunch of maniacs till our abs burned.

As mentioned, it was a Good Hunt. Dru did more work on drum coordinating than I did. She did most of the grunt work, while I just stood up there and waved my arms around and ended up getting most of the accolades. (Silverdrake asked Dru to lead the drums for the Hunt he will be doing at Ravenstone shortly


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