People who don’t communicate well

The Form Of the Day is Sil Lum Tao.

Lunchtime BJJ at Gracie Seattle. Back mount. Keeping it, escaping it, choking people from it. Frustration and Amusement in turn as stubby short arms and legs prove particularly BAD for one aspect of this yet particularly GOOD for another aspect of it. Was able to competantly escape back mount in the "before I teach anything, let me just see where people are at" stage of the class. Was able to competantly retain back mount on larger, stronger people for longer than I expected. I like clock choke. Clock choke rocks.

Private with CC. I showed him Spear Hand, and it must have looked pretty darn good because he didn’t nitpick at it. Then we did Box Form, and he had me doing a version of the first half that bears very little resemblance to the form I know. It has some extra arm swirlies that send power tingles up my arms. The ridge-hand and leg attack section must have looked very good, because he didn’t fool with that part at all.

Then we had a talk, and he told me some things that did not make me happy at all. RS had previously told me some things, which CC is now directly contradicting.

CC is telling me that RS said _____ because he hates conflict and was trying to be nice, but he didn’t really *mean* ______ and I am not to expect to hold him to ______.

I am the sort of person that if I tell you ______, I mean _______…. and I expect the same from you. Tell me what you mean. Do not BS me. Do not tell me one thing and then later go back on it. I do not like manipulations and political intrigue.

Besides which, I have been counting on _____ and am now being told that that’s not going to manifest.

CC is saying, "I’ve worked with RS for decades and I’ve seen this pattern before- this is what he does, and I have to clean up the messes." It’s a believable scenario, given some of what I know about past interpersonal and political history.

However, I have also observed for myself that CC likes to set himself up as the sole gatekeeper to- or even an analog for- RS. So this could be his way of securing his role as essential translator/gatekeeper/circuit-completer between RS and me.

Somebody here is snowjobbing me, and I don’t know who it is. I am not a happy camper.

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