Form Of the Day: Hurricane Hands

I did a little Hurricane Hands this morning, and I had also done a couple reps last night, making sure to add in all the lost bits.

2 hours at the (non-MA) gym for formwork- mostly Mantis and Dragon. Bung Bo Kuen, Southern Mantis, Three Step Arrow, Spear Hand, Dragon Plants the Seed, Little Red Dagon, Touch Bridge, Box Form. Also Hurricane Hands, Catherine Dao, Chen Dao, Jian form, Tai Chi short open-hands form. Dao form seems okay now; Jian form took a couple reps to put all the pieces back together, but I think it’s okay.

I did each form four or five times, facing a different direction each time- to avoid, as Jodi wrote about once, getting reliant of visual cues.

I know that some people (BJJ folks in particular) are contemptuous about formwork, but I almost always leave a session feeling that it was time well spent physically, mentally and spiritually. The real challenge- as Ginger and I have been recently commiserating- is getting one’s butt into the practice space and getting started.

I feel good enough about Hurricane Hands at this point that I’m going to print out a form list and start cycling through Forms Of the Day.

Evening BJJ at Gracie Bellevue.

Carlos was raving about JB’s hip throw in the no-gi competition! He was impressed!

We drilled a hip throw, a guard pass for when the opponent has put one foot in spider guard, and a different guard pass ending in a KOB, then to side control.

I had a few painful moments with the injured finger. In particular the throws, my partner kept clamping that hand in his armpit as he went down. I think it may have been a little too soon to go back to BJJ. It also depends on what exactly we’re doing, though.

Carlos blew me a kiss on my way out. He’s so funny. Even funnier hopped upon Vicodin. He looks less like a chipmunk today, but you can still see the swelling in his face.

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