Thursday evening

Thursday kung fu.

I showed SK my finger… I’m enjoying showing people my finger, since I get to flip everyone off in the process. Everyone is duly impressed. SK said, "Ooooh-is it supposed to be bent that way?" "No, nor it it supposed to be that size or that color."

It seems to be slightly more mobile and slightly less agonizing than my previous finger sprain- I’m hoping that means it is not as serious and will heal faster! I am tired of being broken!

I couldn’t do much with my right hand. A few hand strike drills were okay, but most of them I just did left-handed only.

After hand strike drills, we did part of the Tiger kick drill. SK made me come up and stand in front of the class while we were working on it. He also used me for another demo tonight, and used JoE for a demo too. JM got used for a couple of demos, but it does really look like SK is trying to be conscious of including different people and not having JM constantly at center stage. That will be a good change if it continues.

Then Five Animals. Marcie is up to "Graceful Horse". I can tell she’s daunted by it, but this is the most complicated move in the whole form.

Lastly, a little review of the one-step Black Crane defensive drills. I was drilling with Marcie, and I did most of the attacking since there were only a few Black Crane things I could do with my left hand only. I have worked with her very little as of yet. She has most often been working with JM, who gives her a lot of instruction…. I only gave one instruction, and then I shut up. I could have nitpicked, but she was doing most of it correctly.

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