Rolling with Jiu-Jiu!

When seconds count, the cops are just minutes away.

Monday gi night at Cindy’s, with Julia!

Lamont told me that the chocolate gi looks like suede. Nice! He and Leilani were the first people (other than online) to actually like my brown gi.

While we were waiting for the kids to finish up, Cindy had me do two matches with Lina. She showed decent aggression in standup (did a masterful guard pull on me once), but was hesitant about trying subs on me. With some encouragement and coaching from Cindy, she finally applied an acceptable armbar. It’s nice to hear the kids cheering for each other from the bench. Cindy is trying to encourage a strong team mentality in them.

I’m almost certain I heard a few small pitiful moaning sounds from Julia’s direction during the warmups…. and we didn’t even have to do Dead Bugs! It was a light warmup! I guess we have to cut her a little slack, though, seeing as she has done (IIRC) eleven classes in the last seven days!

We drilled escapes from bottom side control. Although I have seen all of these before, I continue to not be very skilled at getting out of bottom side control.

Julia giggled all the way through Cindy’s "This isn’t mean" speech. "If you’re pushing on the side of his face and it hurts, all he needs to do is move his face! If he doesn’t, and it keeps hurting, that’s his fault and not yours." Julia then gave me grief for apologizing every time I had to grind the sharp side of my forearm bone into her face (usually pulling her hair as well).

I wish we’d had a little more time to do live rolling, but unfortunately the capoeira class was following us and we had to vacate the mat. She let me take her back a couple of times first, though.

It’s fun bringing visitors into my gym. Everybody wants to come visit us, ’cause we’re AWESOME.


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