On top

Here you go, those who have been waiting for a pic of me- that’s me, in the cream gi. Rihanna is in the black gi. I would like you to note who is on top. (Although, to be fair, she did tap me in this match!)

I skipped lunchtime BJJ today, and will probably skip it tomorrow. The NEW injured hand is mildly painful. It bends, and I can grip with it, but the little finger hurts when I try to extend it out to the side.

Thursday kung fu. SK is heavily bandaged and hopped up on oxycodone. He says that he can move the wrist around, but that it is still pretty painful. Apparently he took "no PT and very little recovery time" to mean that he would be juggling tractor tires by the end of the week, and he is peeved to see that he’s not going to be up to full speed right away. I aked him if he could at least play video games this time. He said a few of the tamer ones. I asked him if the Oxycodone made it feel like his head was floating, and he agreed… as well as noting that thoughts don’t tend to go in a straight line.

We had a new guy tonight in addition to Nemesis’ bro, so we kept it pretty basic. Hand strike drills, more kick drills, Opening moves of Five Animals again. SK tried to get me to stand up front for the kick drills, but I begged off and threw JM under the bus in my place!

A little slo-mo sparring with JB and then Nemesis. I wasn’t doing quite as well tonight- but I had had a phenomenally crappy day, and was tired and distracted and grumpy- so I was having a hard time focussing. Again Nemesis was getting me with the double strikes on different levels. I commented on that, and he said, "Okay, I’ll do it some more so that you can practice!"


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