This just in- From the Revolution web page:
Our Adult/Masters Gi champion is LOTUS CLUB with 84 points. Gracie Barra WA was a close second with 74 points.

Our Adult/Masters Submission Grappling champion is IVAN SALAVERRY MMA with 86 points. Gracie Barra WA was second with 25.5 points.

The Adult/Masters Overall CHAMPIONS for The Revolution 03.12.11 are GRACIE BARRA WA with a grand total of 99.5 points. Second place was captured with 96 points for Lotus Club.

We won the team trophy by three and a half points. It took every single person to pull that off. Every single team member who won something this weekend can say, "Without me, this prize would not be ours." Including me. I pulled in fifteen points. Because I double-repped, Gracie Barra only got 7.5 of them. Look how close I came to being the one who blew this for the whole school.

Rodrigo must be having a stroke right now.


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