I thwacked a nice little kid today.

Physical education is the fundamental discipline of life, but it is actually despised, neglected, and taught intellectually, because the true intent of our schools is to inculcate the virtues of cunning and calculation which will make money…… The establishment is a class of physical barbarians…. they do not know how to transform money into physical enjoyment. They were never taught how to husband plants and animals for food, how to cook, how to make clothes and build houses, how to dance and breathe, how to do yoga for finding one’s true center, or how to make love. -Alan Watts

Evening BJJ at Gracie Bellevue.

Keylock from mount, but not quite the same as the other day. With this one, we started by grabbing a cross collar grip. When the person on the bottom grabs your arm to defend, you trap hir elbow, snake your arm into the hole left by hir curled-up arm, let go the collar, and pin the arm to the floor for the keylock. Very smooth if you can do it fast.

From bottom north-south: bridge and thrust arms straight while holding the top person’s belt. Then throw your FAR side arm and leg across your body, roll to belly, grab opponent’s foot, and now you’re crouched beside hir.

Same setup, only throw your entire body to the side and end in bottom half guard.

I drilled with one of the tweenagers- this was a LITTLE one for a change. I had to be cautious to keep my hefty 127.5lb off his ribs. He looked about 11, tops. He was a good partner, though. I repaid him by clocking him in the head four times over the course of the hour. Not real hard, but hard enough to say, "Sorry." I gave him a cumulative apology as we were lining up at the end of class, and a second one on the sidelines. It would be nice of me to remember his name (Campbell) for next time, since I was such a brute to him!

Another conditioning explosion at the end. With SPRAWLS. (I blame Lindsey for this) I think we can look forward to this end-of-class conditioning explosion every time until after the tournament.

After the first hour was live training. I felt fine physically and mentally, but since I had biffed that poor kid four times, obviously something was phlurfy with my focus and/or control tonight. Thus I decided that live rolling was probably a poor choice.


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