I gave Lindsey a hard time today

The "hair slicker" experiment appears to be a fail. The hair slicker slips down over my eyes (when worn under the headgear) or just slips down under my eyebrow ridge (when worn over the headgear). The latter is annoying and distracting; the former… well. Not to mention that worn OVER the headgear, it makes me look like a mushroom-headed refugee from a Mario Brothers video game. Carlos cracked up when he saw me wearing it.

I’m thinking about trying a regular lycra/spandex skullcap under the headgear.

Morning BJJ at Gracie Seattle. It wasn’t a "competition class", but you can tell by the pace- and by some of the things we’re drilling- that the teachers are in Tournament Mode. Two weeks to Revolution.

Prof. Carlos must have liked those laps-with-sprawls that Lindsey was having us do yesterday, because he made us do them too. Exhausting as they are (after the first couple), I am happy to say that I can pop back up pretty quickly… seems like more quickly than most folks. Then again, it’s a shorter distance down to the ground and back for me (grin).

A little standing grip fighting. Being the last kid picked for the kickball team this morning got me partnered up first with black-belt-Kevin and then Lindsey- which I don’t mind at all!

A hip throw in which you grab the opponent’s belt at the back. This was a new one for me, and I had some problems with it- so I was happy to be working with Lindsey, who could help me out. He did give me some (half serious, half teasing) guff about how hard I was throwing him to the mat, though. I get that a lot. When someone is very small, or new, or injured, I really *can* set them down gently. It’s harder with a big guy, though. Depending on the specific throw, it’s sometimes all I can do to get him over with proper technique- I can’t maintain enough control to set him on the mat like a China doll. I generally don’t stress too much over it if they’re uninjured colored belts…. they know how to fall. If they complain, I do try to be gentler… but this particular throw was a tricky one, and Lindsey’s a decent sized guy… so…. WHUMP. Sorry dude. That’s the best I can do with that. (I noticed that HIS throws got harder when it was his turn…. only fair, I guess!)

Then an escape from knee on belly- grabbing the belt and stretched leg, getting stomach down, grabbing the guy’s other foot and reversing. I was having a little trouble getting turned over quickly and smoothly…. I was struggling like an elderly tortoise turned on its back! I was also having a little trouble getting ahold of that second foot (and keeping it). After many tries (and more help from Lindsey) I was doing it well enough to get a "Good, Keetsune" from Carlos. Still not keeping weight on the guy during the whole reversal to my satisfaction, though. I hope I get another chance this week to try this drill.

Lindsey was giving me some more (half-teasing, half-serious) crap about the way I was sprawling; apparently it was preventing him from doing the drill correctly. I had to have him demo the problem while *I* tried it before I could grok what I was doing wrong. I apologized and said, "I’m not TRYING to be be a d*** to you today, I just don’t know any better!" Good thing he likes me. (Still. I hope.) It was actually kind of funny; he was calling me a "little monster" (why is everybody calling me mean names this week?); saying naughty words and laughing… I’m used to interacting with him when he is in Teacher Mode and being formal, so I did a double-take when I heard him giggling and sputtering the F word!

Carlos tried to explain the differences in points that are given with this technique depending on whether you get to your feet or not (and at what juncture), along with exactly where you began and ended. I was a little relieved to see that I wasn’t the only person with question-mark-face. Significant chunks of the points system remain a mystery to me.

There was also a brief discussion on the topic of whether you might lose points if you puke when your opponent goes KOB.

Timed rolls with Marc, then Nick. I think I tapped Marc once and he tapped me twice. Nick was always two steps ahead of me.

After that, I rolled with one of the white-belt-Carlosi (the bigger one). He tapped me a couple times, and I tapped him once with a collar choke. I tried a few armlocks which he used strength to turn around on themselves so that I ended up being the one armlocked. I hate it when people do that. Cindy will do that to you, but she does it with technique. When people do it to me with strength, it makes me even more intimidated to try for subs (especially ones that I’m not completely comfortable with). Maybe next time I should slam it on faster to try to get the tap before he muscles it backwards on me.

When we were done, I crawled up behind Lindsey where he was lounging on the mat chatting, and RNC’ed him- then let him beat me up for a while (I figured I owed him paybacks).

I closed down the open mat today- I’m happy when I can last that long, and get a lot of rolling in- even if I wasn’t doing particularly grandly today.

Got home and ate lunch… still hungry…. so I ate a second lunch! I really need to stay under 130… but if my body is telling me that it NEEDS fuel, I’m going to listen… especially if I plan to go to a second class that day and want to have enough energy to make it worth it. And yes, I am back on the chicken and egg diet. What was your first clue?

Evening BJJ at Cindy’s. It was gi night, and the majority ofpeople actually had gi’s. I should bring along an extra jacket or two. Although my gi jackets won’t fit many people there. I wish I had time to pop into the thrift stores more often, and try to pick up a few more cheap used gi’s for some of these tweenagers who can’t afford one.

There was a new girl there. A new blue belt girl. It actually took me a few minutes to recognize Leah. It’s been a year. I never expected her to wander back in. Half of me was eager to roll with her and see if I could kick her ass now that she’s been off for a year and I’ve now been training literally twice as long as she. The other half was dreading rolling with her, because if she kicked *MY* ass, it would not help my morale any. I didn’t get to find out tonight, though. She left before the timed matches. I guess that question is yet to come.

I didn’t get to fight Alecia tonight either, which I feel a little bad about, since I bailed on her on Saturday (it was insane at work, and I just didn’t have the energy to go to class after).

Basic guard break & pass, to be followed by side control and then mount. Then, gi choke from guard (the one where your second grip is a handful of the gi at the shoulder). I have actually tapped people with that particular weird little choke. I drilled with Lamont, who showed me another cool one: one deep cross collar grip, then pretend you’re hipping up and moving the arm over for the triangle. When they go to defend the triangle, hip out to the side a titch and use your non-collar-gripping hand to press the opponent’s face away. I like that one too!

Cindy wanted Lamont to defend the choke a bit, in order to make me try getting my knees and feet in there to pry his defending hands away. They are both making me do some extra stuff "because you’ve got the tournament coming up".

I told Cindy that I’d gotten somebody to tap with that "low percentage" straight armbar she’d drilled us on last week, and that he’d praised my technique- she was happy to hear it.

A little positional training with Lamont- pass guard/don’t get subbed versus sub or defend guard.

Then a timed roll with Leilani and one with Miko. I was on top of Leilani for most of our roll, then remembered to get her get on top. She had pinned one of my arms, and I suggested, "Now that you’ve got that arm controlled, this would be the perfect time to try to tip me." She tried- in the wrong direction. I said, "Wrong way," and told her why. Next time, I’ll tell her to freeze, look at our configuration, and tell me which way she should try to tip me and why.

Miko tapped me out a couple of times, but he was definitely using some strength here and there. More than he had last time I worked with him.


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