tai chi and… sheep?

I didn’t train today, as I am working the graveyard shift.

I just had to write in and share that even though it’s only February, I already have identified the most disturbing search term of 2011. Someone actually found MY BLOG using the search term "victimize sheep".


My first tai chi class with my first official student is tomorrow, and I’m nervous.

I’m not exactly a total virgin at teaching Chen… when JB and I were teaching the little "Chenjitsu" group, occasionally she would be absent and I taught the "Chen" part as well as the "Jitsu" part.

However, that was a case of CK saying, "You and JB ought to show the others a little Wave Hands Like Clouds if you get a chance," as opposed to CK saying, "I’m assigning you a student."

Wish me luck!


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