Deadly key missiles

AAAAARGH…. Cindy is rescheduling, and dropping the lunchtime classes. It’s understandable, as there tend to be only three or four of us in there most days. Not really worth her time, but it was a sweet deal for US, as we got a lot of personalized attention! That was way too good to be true forever- sigh. Getting into Seattle for evening classes is a PAIN and a HALF. I spend longer sitting in traffic (one way!) than I spend in the class. Then when I get to class, I’m already tired and grumpy and stressed before we even start. And often late, to boot.

Sunday Kung fu. I was less than 5 min late this time, hey, that’s an improvement! SK, DD, and JM were all wearing their sashes. I really hope SK isn’t going to start requiring that (of ME- I don’t care what they do). I know he’d like to, but he’s anxious that if he gets too strict with us, we’ll quit coming to class!

We started working on Five Points Of The Star, and I was being mindful of the corrections I’d gotten on Thursday (although SK did come over and straighten my torso once, so I must still be leaning sometimes).

Just before the back roll- make sure to hunch way down and hide as much of the body as possible behind the thigh. Also- go up on the toe! Yes, the very thing I spend most of my time in this class trying to remember to NOT do- you’re actually supposed to do it here. The pike kick is straight back- don’t anticipate the rest of the roll and start listing to the side until AFTER the kick. Also, don’t roll too far up onto the neck before making contact with the kick. The culmination of the roll here is on the LEFT shoulder- straighten the RIGHT leg and keep eye contact with the opponent until you straighten and turn.

The jumping kick- both the kick and the preparatory knee hike- are straight ahead, not out to the sides…. and preferrably contact with the ball of the foot. We worked this kick and the pike kick against pads. I had to hold pads for Nemesis (sigh). I was trying to protect my finger, so I was even more hesitant than usual. Every time he kicked the pad, it went flying and I had to chase it across the room- but I wasn’t about to risk broken fingers trying to hold onto it. I just had to make sure it didn’t go flying into the MP3 player or the plate glass window.

Eventually SK switched me out with JaE because I physically could not hold the pad high enough for Nemesis to do the jump as high as he COULD. So then I found myself with JM. I gritted my teeth bracing for her to start giving me corrections- on TIGER MATERIAL, my own style, in the basic defining Southern Tiger form that I have been working on since long before she ever joined this class, and right in front of the most senior teacher- but for once she kept her mouth shut… for which I was grateful. In that sense, I’d actually rather be working with Nemesis. He beats the crap out of me, but at least he doesn’t play "teacher" with me nearly as much.

SK wanted to work some Tiger-oriented self defense drills, but JaE’s arm wasn’t up to that tonight. (Note- we will likely be doing that next week, so I’d better remember to wear my contacts). So instead we worked some more on the Tiger Versus Crane flying kicks. DD got out his notebook- a venerable behemoth volume the size of a 70’s couch cushion- and they spent about an eon debating whether or not there is supposed to be a drawing-in of the left foot before the box kick. I hate it when they do that during class, while the rest of us are standing around wasting time. I just keep doing reps and leave them to their debate. Once again, there is the amusement of SK trying repeatedly to pin DD down to "So how do YOU WANT us to do it?" and DD responding not with a straight answer but more philosophical musings on comparing and contrasting the various versions. In the end there were four versions- and he still won’t tell us which one he wants us to use. (rolling eyes)

Note- do not go up on the toe during the box kick.

When class was finished, I asked SK for the key so that I could get out the front door, and he tossed it across the room and nailed me right in the forehead with it (to the amusement of all). Nice aim. Paybacks, however, will be forthcoming.

(pic- Lindsey.)


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