Yo, Leopard Student

Got an e-mail today from Lamont, asking where the heck I am and what’s going on. I told him about my ailing car, and the finger. I still wince when I try to click the mouse button with it- so I don’t think it’s ready for jiu jitsu yet. But today is the first day I even dared to TRY clicking the mouse button with it.

Also got an e-mail today from CM (the Tiger Master):

"Yo, Leopard student. What are you up to?"

Have to grin. I told him that I’ve been having a hard slog with my MA this year, and about SK leading the group, and about seeing RS in November. CM and RS are on different sides of the political schism. CM is sad about it, and sometimes asks me about RS. RS is sad about it too, but isn’t quite ready to consider coming to the table. Anyway, I told CM about how RS is doing, and also mentioned that RS thinks I am overtraining and should take a 6 month break from either Kung Fu or BJJ. CM immediately advised sticking with the Kung Fu- surprise surprise! Heh heh.

He commented in regard to SK teaching all the classes,

"SK is a good teacher and will uphold the traditons."

I passed that tidbit along to SK… he needs all the encouragement he can get. I also asked CM to drop SK a note as well, if he can.

"Buck up, young Jedi. Things will turn around. Give your spirit some time to relax."

(pic- Carlos and Kevin)

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