French fries

I had McDonald’s fries before work. I’ve only had them maybe 2 times in the last six months. I’ve heard other people say that after resolving to eat healthier, after a while they didn’t even WANT their old bad foods- that they didn’t even taste as good. I was skeptical.

Well, the fries didn’t taste as good. I was surprised.

Not that I ever had a *habit* of fast food to begin with. My Dr Pepper addiction would be a much tougher nut to crack.

Finger: still purple. I can’t really tell if the outermost knuckle will bend, since it is still too swollen to fold down even if it did work. I can touch things with it now, lightly- without gasping in pain. Still not ready to try rolling with it, though. If it follows the pattern of previous digit sprains, it may well not be fully operational by March- which would eliminate the possibility of competing in the March Revolution. Undecided about that anyway. I hope there would be no further drama

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