I miss the mat….

Last Thursday evening till this coming Thursday morning. Halfway through a long, MA-less week stretching like a bleak section of the Sahara. My body feels so weird without its fix.

I’ve got two classes planned for Thursday and THREE for Friday, though!

+Frolic of the Five Animals:

Start standing straight

Step fwd (left foot first), both arms circle out-to-in and press palm down at chest level. Fingertip to fingertip.

Hop back into cat stance (left foot in front), both arms BIG circles in-to-out (crossing in front) to end in White Crane guard with Crane’s beak hands

Left HIGH snap kick with heel to the chin. (alternative- you can use the ball of the foot if you must- but try to accomplish the heel.)

Step fwd (left foot first), both arms BIG circle in-to-out, meet in front at head level, double Crane’s beaks with wrists inward.

Rt hand stays here but turns to a fist with thumb up. Left arm, big down-to-up circle to land with palm flat atop fist

Bring hands (in same formation) to rt hip. Left foot, low thrust kick with the outside of the foot. Rechamber.

Slide left foot from your right foot along the ground outward to the left till you are in a very low bow and arrow (left leg straight).

Shift weight to left foot as you do a rising block over head with left arm and bring right fist straight across horizontally. Step through with right foot and turn 180. You are now facing south in a very low horse with left hand chambered and Right fisted arm horizontal.

Keeping the same stance, double Tiger claw fornt punch straight out at chest level.

Bring both hands straight down to hips in double Crane’s beaks to the rear
Double inside-out Tiger claw circle blocks, then another double Tiger claw front punch staright out at chest level.

Chamber left hand, shift into bow and arrow (left leg straight), right hand does a Crane’s beak strike with the back of the wrist, diagonally up.
Twist 180 degrees to face north again, in low horse with back bent over, left fist straight out to the left as groin strike

Skip to the left, ending in a linear bow and arrow stance with left leg straight. Left hand circles out, up, then down to ground (face plant)

Turn left, step the right foot up to meet the left and stand up straight.

Left hand out front chest level with palm down. Right arm swing up underneath to strike the palm with the right Crane’s beak, back of the wrist.

Flying snap kick with ball of right foot (prep with the left). End in a forward stance with rt foot in front. Double blade-handed guard, palms facing each other inward, right hand in front, left hand at right elbow.

Turn 180 into a seven stars stance with left foot forward, do a little skip and end in same stance. Parry at forehead with back of left wrist, hook at eye level with right Mantis hand, then push left blade hand forward at face level, little finger side frontward. (keep the elbow up on that hooking Mantis arm) Repeat parry, hook and skip two more times.

Left snap kick.

Turn 180 to the right, leading with a right elbow strike. Reach up with both hands (right on top) and grab the opponent’s arm. Yank it down and do a right knee strike at the same time.

Step down with right foot, Right flat-palmed big circular Dragon block up and to the outside.

Left foot step with left flat-palmed big circular Dragon block up and to the INSIDE. (They are going in the same direction). As you do this circle, turn 180 to your right and sink into a very low cat stance with the left foot fwd. At the same time, left hand comes up from left hip and right hand does a big clawing circle up-and-in . Your Tiger claw hands end palm-heels together, right on top, at solar plex level.

Hands trade orientations in a twist-lock motion. Now left hand goes to left hip with Crane’s beak palm up and pointing outward from the hip.
Right hand does a big clawing circle up-and-in and ends in a Tiger claw (palm out) at right temple.

Left large circular Dragon parry up-and-out as you move more upright and shift weight to left foot. Right large circular Dragon parry up-and-in (they are going the same direction) as you step with right foot and TWIST 360 to the left. End with a left back-of-the-forearm parry across the face (then chamber it) and a right knife-hand strike forward. You are in a bow-and-arrow stance with the left foot forward.

Right snap kick, slapping shin with left hand.

Twist violently 180 to the right, landing in a high horse, bringing the left elbow around in a looping curve to slap into the right hand.

Double backfists waist level

Bring right arm looping across and over to do a "wipe-off" style wrist release on the left wrist. CONTINUE THIS ENERGY LOOP into a flying 360 degree crescent kick turning to the left. Land in a bow-and-arrow stance with the left foot forward, torso twisted so that the left shoulder is toward the ground. Both fisted arms are just above the head, punching to the front.

Step back with left foot into scissor stance.

Snap kick with heel of rt foot and straight punch left hand.

Step down with rt foot and turn 180 to the left. Bring both hands curving down and out across body in "smoothing the skirt" motion. Snap kick left foot.

Circle both hands around each other at chest level. like a Tiger rolling block, only with blade hands (palms down). At the same time, do a little skip forward and end in a seven starts stance, left foot forward. The right hand is doing a press block at waist level, left hand at chest, palm inward.

Bring left foot forward and through to sink into a very deep back stance with left foot forward. Bring left hammer fist around in a big curve as you go- left, up, down, and up into a groin strike as you sink into the stance.

Stand up, cover head with left arm and bring to chamber, straight punch right hand.

Inside-to-outside crescent kick rt leg, slapping shin with rt hand, as you turn 180 to the right, ending in a front stance with rt foot forward. Cover head with rt arm and return to chamber. Straight punch left hand.

Step forward with left foot into a cat stance, left toe fwd. Reach up with both hands palm in at brow level as if grasping an energy ball.

Shift weight to left toe just long enough to hop backward into another cat stance (a low one) with left foot forward. At the same time, bring the energy ball down and "break" it on your left knee.

End in low cat, left toe fwd, blade-hand guard at chest level, left hand in front.

(pic- Pat, the Great Panda)


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