Tiger drills

Kung fu was cancelled today. For some reason, the staff left early and we were locked out of the dojo.

It was slow last night at work, so I spent way too much company time reconstructing MA notes.


***Beginning in front stance:
+Tiger 1 (scoop and claw)

Begin in front stance, left foot forward, left Tiger claw straight forward and right claw guarding groin.

Lean slightly forward and press right palm to inside of left knee to block groin kick. Make sure thumb is tucked and fingers point down.

(You may then circle that right arm up to your shoulder if you can catch the foot with it. Make sure the hand gets all the way up to the shoulder.)

(You may also strike forward (Tiger front punch to face) and rake down with the left claws.)

+Tiger 2 (with wrapping choke)

Begin in fwd stance with left foot fwd. Left Tiger claws straight fwd, Rt claws guarding groin

Cross rt foot behind left in *wide* scissor stance. Grab opponent’s striking arm with right claws. Crook left elbow around hir neck.

Unwind and either hip throw the opponent or thrust hir forcefully to the ground using both arms. Now you are in a forward stance facing north again with the right foot forward.

Left left arm circle in front of you and chamber at left hip, palm up. Right arm makes a small inward circle and strikes stright down with Tiger claws upon fallen opponent.

+Tiger 3 (low Crane


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