So have you seen the MRI? What news?

My training blog readers want to know 1)is it a spiral fracture, and 2)how have you been doing BJJ without sobbing in pain every time the wrist was locked or trapped. And this was before I told them that you move furniture all day at work.

The scapoid WAS broken, but it has apparently begun to knit, is mostly healed already, and is not misaligned. How it managed that with me all the while doing kung fu, BJJ, and working is beyond me.

The main problem now is the torn scapholunate ligament. Without an arthroscopy, we can’t know the extent of the tear, but based on my range of motion, the doctor is suggesting that it may still have a chance of healing on its own, provided I stop doing stupid stuff (like most of what I’ve been doing for the last several months). So, for the next month I get to wear this bitchin’ black molded plastic splint thingy. I asked them to make it heavy-duty enough so that anything I SHOULDN’T do, I COULDN’T do. So, now I can barely hold a pen, and I can’t make a proper fist, but I do feel like I could beat someone senseless with the splint anyway…

LOL…. "molded plastic splint" weapons forms, anyone?

(Pic- that’s Ian, one of my favorite training partners. The kid in the middle. He took first in gi and second in no-gi in his divisions at the Revolution.)

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