Scheduling tag- you’re it!

"Women’s self defense" at Gracie Barra. Lindsey said, "Those girls won’t be in today… they all went to a big Halloween party last night and now they’re hung over." Heh. Well, works for me! So I got 30 min of rolling with Lindsey followed by 30 min of rolling with black belt Shawn. Definitely worth coming in for!

Lindsey wants to me tie my belt correctly. I just tie it in a square knot because I’m lousy with knots and too impatient to bother with learning to tie it correctly, much less taking the time to do so every single time. So I got the Belt Tying 101 lesson, which will probably have to be reviewed a few times before I memorize it.

Not sure if I can regurgitate much of the feedback frm th rolls…. I hope I internalized it…. it’s hard when I have two classes back to back and can’t go home to write up the lessons immediately.

I do recall that Shawn wants me to make sure to not let him wrap his near-side arm around my neck when I’m in bottom half guard. Lindsey wants me to make sure to put hooks in immediately if he leaves the space gaping in his turtle. He also wants me to sprawl back when I’m trying to do a standing guard pass and he grabs for both of my heels. He dumped me on my kiester three times with that move today. I wonder if anything else in BJJ makes you look half as moronic as getting nailed with that particular move.

Shawn also showed me two escapes from heel hook, which I’ve wanted to add to my repertoire.

I tried the Quadruple-threat sequence on Shawn. It took me many attempts before I could get his arm properly trapped and even think about going for the choke. He didn’t tap to that, so I did the roll, but then he defended me capturing his leg(s)- so I couldn’t finish. The next time I tried it, I apparently didn’t do the roll quickly and decisively enough. He stopped us midway with me on the bottom, and started putting a ton of pressure on my chest.

Lindsey said that I seem improved even over last weekend.

I started getting really tired near the end of the hour, which was disconcerting- but I guess it’s not unreasonable after an hour of fighting a black belt and a two-stripe brown.

Straight to kung fu (Kaungren was kind enough to let me cut the shower line in front of him so that I could get to my next class on time and not tap everybody out with my BO).

Leopard Fist. Don’t cheat the right-to-left face-level block before the bong sau.

Snake Versus Five Animals. Snake portion: after the three Snake strikes, make sure to turn the right toe outward and defend the kick to the groin before dropping to the knee. 5 Animals portion- the first punch is straight from the center. For some reason I always want to throw a looping haymaker from the shoulder, and SK has got to be getting tired of making this same correction on me week after week. Also- make sure to slide the foot deep in between the opponent’s feet before the elbow strike to the midsection- otherwise the takedown won’t work right.

A few runthroughs with partners. Nemesis. I got to the shoulder-lock part, went for it, and he just stood there looking at me hanging off his arm. Just like every single other time I’ve tried this move on him- hundreds by now. It really makes me want to have a full-on, screaming, foot-stomping temper tantrum. I settled for disengaging to pace back and forth a few times while rubbing my hands over my face and gritting, "This is really frustrating." SK told me to just try it- and if it doesn’t work, just Snake-strike Nemesis in the armpit and move on with the remainder of the form.

Do-si-do and change partners. JM. I am trying to remember to not elbow her so hard in the belly when I do this form with her, because she grunts painfully, but she is not good about letting me know when she needs me to go lighter. I did the shoulder lock on her and thrust her into a forceful faceplant on the mat. She said, "That seems to be working fine." Argh.

Kiu Two review. I was standing behind JM while we were running through the sections, and she is doing the first bong sau on the opposite side as me. Assuming she is right and I am wrong, I switch. Doesn’t make sense. Switch back. Almost ask for clarification, but figure that when we do the form with partners, it will become obvious which is right. But we didn’t get to that, so I’ll have to try to confirm that next week.

Part B, double circling horizontal Snake strikes to midsection- it’s a deep lunge, do NOT* go down on the knee as in Snake vs Five.

An additional little piece of part B only. The last two Snake strikes: right (high), left (lower). After there, your right arm does a parrying circular movement back near the shoulder. This turns into another Snake strike (high) followed by yet another (left, low). This last one turns into a understated bong sau, just enough to divert Snake A’s final midsection strike.

That’s all the new stuff we got today, because this last section is a veritable flurry of fast Snake strikes here and there which all have to be coordinated, parried and countered correctly on both sides; it is quite complex. I worked on it with JoE till I thought my brain was going to start bleeding.

Remember how I keep saying what a PITA it is to try to schedule a lesson with CC? Do you think I exaggerate? For your amusement: the following is an untouched transcript of the last two weeks’ worth of trying to schedule a lesson. And we *STILL* haven’t managed it, so this could keep going for a while longer yet. The following is not unusual- this is how it is almost every time.

From: Kitsune
Sent: Thursday, October 14, 2010 10:46 AM
To: ‘CC
Subject: Next lesson

I have Sunday free until 4:30.

Saturday is more full, but I should be free by 8pm if that’s not too late.


From: CC
Sent: Monday, October 18, 2010 7:05 AM
To: ‘Kitsune
Subject: RE: Next lesson


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