Now *I* am a Nemesis.

Friday morning BJJ at GB Seattle. "Competition training"- ie, timed matches only. I was running a little late and missed half the warmup.

Ruben, Glenn, Nic, Marc, JM (not kung fu JM- this is a BJJ guy who goes by "JM"… I’ll have to call him "BJJJM?")

Today I focussed on 1)trying to close up all the space between me and my partner, especially as regards the upper body area, and 2)holding top positions for at least long enough to get my points, if not longer. The guys would still crossface me out, or curl up and thus shove me away, or bench-press me, or upa really hard, or otherwise pry me off. But I tried- and I stayed in top side control and (to a lesser degree) top mount a bit.

I don’t know how easy they were going on me, but Glenn is the only one who tapped me today- and he said, "I had to go all the way to plan H". Plan H apparently is one of those back chokes with the grabbing of the pantleg- I had to tap to the spine crank, not the choke. (I didn’t tap anybody- if I even need to confirm that)

Marc called me his "nemesis"- LOL. I’ll take that as a compliment!

Nic does a lot of pantleg-grabbing. I asked him what the heck he does in no-gi when he can’t grab pantlegs. He said, "I grab their leg hair."

BJJJM, Ruben and Glenn all told me that I’m getting better. In fact Glenn came over again later to tell me a second time. BJJJM asked me what I weigh, and then was all like, "No way" when I told him. Wow. That’s really nice of them. They are being supportive.

Carlos stopped to chew us all out- and me in particular for some reason- for talking and laughing on the mat and supposedly not being serious and working hard enough, with a tournament coming up. Now that is not fair. I am *not* one of those annoying giggly girls who isn’t there to work. I work hard, I do not goof around, I’m very respectful on the mat. Yeah, my partner and I do laugh occasionally when something amusing happens during the roll, because we like BJJ and we are having FUN, so sue me. We talked a little- but only about the spar, injuries, and such perfectly valid BJJ-related topics. Pat was yapping away like a Yorkie on speed- pausing every few minutes to admonish his partner to shut up so they wouldn’t get in trouble. But because my voice is higher-pitched and Carlos can ID my laugh even with his head turned away, I am the one singled out to get reamed in front of everybody. Again- I would be really upset about this, if not for the fact that Carlos seems to be up *everybody’s* butt lately about every little thing. Maybe he was irritated at me for coming in late. I have gotten a little sloppy about that lately. Must get out of the house 10 min sooner. Wish I hadn’t signed that sheet about the tournament, though. I feel like he might not be riding me quite so hard otherwise…. and I’m not sure this is useful for me. I’m way too thin-skinned about being reprimanded.

I didn’t take any breaks during the timed matches, which was good, since that’s all I got. I hung around for a while after open mat was called, but everyone who wasn’t finished was already paired up and I didn’t get any more rolls. Brian came over to tease me about giggling on the mat, though. So I teased him about his cauliflower ears.

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