Patience is a virtue. One that I don’t have.

Wednesday morning gi BJJ at Cindy’s.

Cindy’s knee is not getting any better. Sad She won’t stay off of it, of course, which I’m sure isn’t helping.

We did a little rolling to warm up while we were waiting for Lamont (see?). She says that one thing I really need to work on is the fact that I tend to give my opponent too much space. Especially the top half of hir body; for instance when I’m in top half guard and fighting the legs, meanwhile I forget to adequately control the opponent’s upper body. I also continue to be in too much of a panicked rush. She wants me to get side control, get an underhook, get a good gable grip (there’s that grip, again), and then just Take a Pill and Chill for a minute. I tend to try to mount the person almost immediately upon getting side control ("You don’t even wait long enough to get your points!!") I am so afraid that the person is going to get away, or I’m going to get in trouble for stalling, or that the opponent is going to think I


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