Cauli ear- the sequel

Yes, it’s back. Can you believe it? I’m so ticked off. I have been so good- wearing that damnable uncomfortable, choking and HOT contraption on my head every time I get on the mat. And I have another ear hematoma ANYWAY. It’s the opposite ear this time, on the *back*. I don’t understand this. But I don’t want to go back and get it drained. That was a horror show of an experience the first time. This time, it’ll be even more horrible due to lack of health insurance. It’s not as visible. I think I’m just going to leave it there, assumng it doesn’t get bigger and more painful. But I’m scared that it will, since obviously the cheese graters are not getting the job done.Also, I can’t wear the headgear in the tournament. It’ll be lovely if I have to tap because the chick is cranking on my sore ear. Or it could burst open during the match and I’ll bleed
everywhere like a stuck pig- that could be fun too. Arrrrgh.

Thursday morning no-gi at Cindy’s, with JB.

In the warmups, we did the flowing positional drill. My biggest challenge- the transition from north-south to scarf (feels like I lose control)- Cindy suggests that I underhook the far arm and control the opponent that way. Then I don’t have to freak out quite so much when it feels like my weight is slipping off the person for a second, because they’re not going anywhere.

We drilled the seatbelt-stacking guard pass that JB loves so much…. great, as if she needs to get even BETTER at that one…. but hopefully now I can at least try to return the favor once in a while! My biggest problem is that I tend to seatbelt too high up on the thighs- I need to get right in the crease, squeeze my elbows in, clasp my hands together correctly (Cindy was on me today about my sloppy grip), and clamp on tight. Also, have knees apart slightly wider, sink myself lower, don’t be afraid to bury my face right in the opponent’s crotch. Don’tlet them straighten out. If they try to roll over, ducky- let them, and take their back.

I tried for triangles several times while JB was in my guard- it’s so cool to have this new weapon. I wasn’t doing that great with it, but I did tap her once with a triangle (THIRD COMPLETED TRIANGLE in live sparring with fully resisting opponent- yippie-yi-yay!), and I also tapped her with a triangle-transition to armbar (the one that Julie got me with at the Seattle Open). I had to work for that armbar for a while, and get her tipped over…. but I was excited to finish it. I also got a tap with a kimura from my guard- although Cindy reminded me to not open my guard while I was scooting my butt out to get the angle. That’s going to be a challenge, especially with a bigger person.

JB tapped me out with that leg-over-the-head sweep from scarf, transitioned to an armbar while you’re simultaneously stretching the person out by trapping their neck between your legs. I was a little disgusted with myself- I had known that she’d worked on that technique last night and was drooling to get me with it, so I should have been more careful- but she was so thrilled to tap me with it that it was almost worth it.

Triangle escape- still lousy. JB got me in one, and I stacked her and was trying to get around, and we were just spinning ("Like a dog chasing its tail!" commented Cindy). I have to get ahold of the head- and ideally- crank it towards me. Alternative- get KOB. Cindy demo’ed both on JB (poor JB), then insisted on demo’ing them again on me so that I’d know what they feel like. I assured her that I *know* they hurt and she didn’t need to PROVE it, but she did anyway. Yup, I was right, they hurt.

I worked mostly with JB today, but got a little rolling with Cindy and Lamont. Lamont told me again that I’m getting better.

It doesn’t feel like it, but today I did remember to make a point of thanking him for his positive feedback and support.

JB is thinking about doing that Revolution. That would be cool.


Thursday evening kung fu. The book discussion (Tao Te Ching, at the moment) and sitting medition portions of the class are being moved to the Sunday class, so just physical workout stuff now on Thursdays.

After hand strike drills, it was shoulder/elbow/wrist lock day. As soon as I saw what we were doing, I moved to grab JM, which left Nemesis with SK. Sorry to throw you under the bus, buddy- but you are upper-level enough for a challenge, and doing joint locks on Nemesis is nothing if not a challenge.

We messed around with various locks for a bit, but eventually settled on two to spend the bulk of the time on. Double wrist grab from the front. Turn fingers of both hands to the outside to break grip, then grab one arm and spin to either the outside or inside to end in specific locks… which I don’t know the names for, and am not even going to attempt to describe the arm spaghetti involved. DD came in for the 2nd half of the class, and did some demo’s on SK (once again, difficult to focus on the technique when it’s more fun to watch SK’s facial expressions).

As always, my difficulty comprehending whether I need to go left or right was tripping me up. I also needed JM’s coaching to finish the locks. I thanked her for her patience. Once I got the locks, I repped them over and over- that’s the only way I am ever going to get this, just repping till I drop. Or till JM drops, in this case…. she finally begged off.

We got so involved that we forgot all about individual forms time and kept working right up to the end of class.

That took a lot of brain power. By the time class was over, I was zombified- exhausted, brain-fried, and hungry enough to eat an ox raw.

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