Thursday kung fu

This morning, my body informed me imperiously that we were going to take a nap instead of going to lunchtime class. Having trouble shaking a slight sinus infection, and I’ve been phenylephrining myself half to death- it’s having the side effects of insomnia and bizarre nightmares when I do get to sleep. Housemate had informed me last week while we were at the Garlic Festival that his friend had a bad cold, and that he was ordering takeout to deliver to her after dinner. This was two days before my tournament, so I was thinking, "Lovely…. your friend is going to share a cold with you, which you will then proceed to share with me, and it’ll hit me on tournament weekend." Which it did. If I’d known about that, I would have declined having dinner with him. And it’s the gift that keeps giving…. hopefuly it’ll have run its course by next week.

Thursday kung fu. It was just me, SK, JM, and Nemesis tonight- DD popped in for the last hour.

Hand strike drills. I picked Viper’s Tongue, and my left hand in particular was not cooperating. I also have the three middle fingers on each hand all taped up because I’ve done so much gi work this week, so that didn’t help with finger dexterity.

Then SK had us each pick one hand strike that we felt was one of the "most powerful"- leaving that interpretation up to each of us. I picked Tiger straight punch, JM picked corkscrew punch, Nemesis picked palm-heel. We took turns holding the pads for each other while we practiced these three, with SK nitpicking at our technique- focussing on getting the max power into each strike. Nemesis’ strikes drove me back four steps when I was holding the pad for him.

Then we did monkey-in-the-middle style two-and-three-step self defense practice. I hadn’t put my contacts in today, so I was doing it blind.

Individual forms time- we actually got 45 min of individual forms time, because DD was huddled up with SK and JM. I also couldn’t ask SK for forms help, because of same. So I worked on Kiu Two, Box form (implementing SK’s corrections from last week),
Little Red Dragon In the Mirror, Leopard Fist In the Mirror, and Bung Bo Kuen In the Mirror. I’m now working on transcribing the most difficult sequence in Bung Bo, so it is slow going.


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