Four Rolls


Saturday competition class. I failed to account for the football game that is going on today, so I was stuck in traffic on the bridge and arrived late (second time in a row, how embarrassing).

Nothing but short timed free spars today. Ron, Hostility Boy, Andrew, and some white belt guy I’ve never seen before, in a Royce Gracie gi. Ron and Hostility Boy both have new fresh stripes. I congratulated Ron. I did not congratulate Hostility Boy. He was medium-rough on me today. I was on the bottom the whole time, but I did not let that meathead get a tap on me. After time was called, and Prof Carlos called his customary, "HO-kay guys, shake-ya-hands", I sat there and looked at Hostility Boy’s back as he retied his belt, and then he reached out and sorta whapped at me without looking at me. I love you too, pal. A day when you’re not in class is like a day without sunshine to me, did ya know that? If he’d been raised by orangutans, he’d have learned better manners.

I felt really tired after those four rounds, so I sat on the bench. Rodrigo asked if I was okay, and I said yeah, just tired. I was hoping to get a wind back after a rest, but I never did. So after a while I took off. Rodrigo asked me again on the way out if I was okay- he’s a sweetie. Don’t know why I’m so tired today, but CN’s not available for Boot Camp, so I have no pressing commitments (plenty of stuff I SHOULD be doing, but nothing I can’t procrastinate on some more!), so I’m going to just go back to bed.


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