Mutual bloodletting

Wednesday night BJJ. JB tried to bail again; but I had told her that she had to text me in advance if she was going to bail, or I’d be annoyed at driving all the way into the city for nothing… she didn’t give enough advance notice, so she had to show up!

JM was supposed to be there as well, but I’ll give her a pass for bailing- because she fainted in the shower while getting ready. We don’t know why.

Traffic was heinous… SK got off work at 5, and we left straight from there, but it still took us till quarter after 6 to get there. We had to stand at the edge of the mat and wait for Rodrigo to notice us and beckon us in, and then we had to do the Walk Of Shame across the mat.

Armbar from standing; and the guard pass where you stand up, reach back to split the ankles, and then go up the outside of one thigh to side control. Must remember to get low enough to control the knee (I wasn’t doing that correctly at first). Must also remember to keep that elbow in, or I’m going to get triangled to within an inch of my life. I was working with JB. She complained a lot about her level of tiredness, but was drilling well.

Positional training from guard- too many of us to go at once, so we had to take turns. I got JB and Sonia.

Open mat- I rolled with JB for a long time, till almost everyone else had left. She has a vicious stack- she gets the perfect angle, and drops every once of weight down on you. Once again I found myself almost having to tap to the stack. She also did something else on me- I can’t recall exactly what she did, but it was a slightly rough move that made me say, "That seemed like something Cindy would do!" She said, "Awwwwwwwwww- you couldn’t give me any better compliment!" LOL. Anyway, I finally got her with an armbar, but she made me work really hard for it. I am having better success with my armbars now that I am sliding way down almost to the opponent’s wrist and grabbing my own gi lapel to hold the wrist against my chest.

Then I waved SK over. He already had his jacket off, and thought that made him safe… when I shrugged mine off too, and pointed to the mat, he rolled his eyes and came over. We rolled for a long time as well. He’s still using strength to muscle a few things, but since we were in rash guards, I was able to escape a lot of things via the sweat. Finally he got tired and had had enough, and decided to finish me off with a wrist lock.

I collapsed, but then JB crawled over and jumped on me. I thought she was TIRED. Well, she wasn’t tired any more- we had another roll, and I eventually got her with a guillotine. I pointed out that I always get her with those, and she needs to watch out… she had in fact successfully fended off a few earlier, though.

Various people had been calling coaching advice to us from the sidelines- including Kaungren (who seemed to have just as much- if not more- advice for my opponents as for me, the traitor!) Wink He was also amused that SK and I had rolled till we made each other bleed (my lip; I’m not sure where SK was bleeding from)…. I remarked that we make each other bleed all the time; it’s beneath our notice.

By the time I finished off JB for the 2nd time, I was so exhausted I could hardly stand up, and I wobbled a little when I tried to give her a hand up. But it was lots of good, fun BJJ. I always feel like I had a really good workout when my opponent and I are the only ones left on the mat by the bitter end. Neck’s killing me, though… obviously I torqued it at some point. Hope it’s not worse in the morning.

New rash guard was half-dry by the time I got home… the cotton t-shirts were always still sopping and uncomfortable the whole commute. Still stinky, though.


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