Rodrigo needs to switch to decaf.


I weighed all three of my gi’s and accoutrements.

sports bra + undies + thin tank top + bike shorts = 1lb
Atama unbleached cotton gi= 3.5lb
Howard white gi= 3.5 lb
Atama "summerweight" white gi= 3.5 lb (huh!)

The Atama summerweight has those ripstop material pants, and the Howard has shrunk a bit so that the sleeves are a little short- so I think it’s going to be the unbleached Atama for the comp (AFAIK, the unbleached cotton still counts as "white", and I don’t think the Revolution is anal-retentive about gi color anyway). I’ll make sure to ask Cindy to look at my gi and make sure it’s okay.
I forgot to weigh my belt (that would be funny if that was what put me overweight).

First thing this morning, I weighed 131 at home (naked). After breakfast and hydration, at the gym and wearing gi + underclothes= 136. (Right after an hour and 15-min class… an intense one, with no time given for water breaks- I weighed myself in the gi again, and I had lost 1lb of sweat!)

Glen was there! He has been gone for six weeks (busy-ness combined with rib injury). He says he’s gained twelve pounds! He started to get into line ahead of me, and then did a double-take at my belt and moved around in back of me. I asked him to drill with me, and promised to take it eay on his ribs.

Yeah, Rodrigo must have had too much coffee this morning- he was seriously jacked up. He took over the class from Carlos and was counting really fast, driving us with his patter of "Faster, come on guys, faster, Let’s go!" and he kept saying "One more, just one more!" and then proceeding to make us do about EIGHT more.

Hip throw, Defending the one-sided under-the-leg guard pass (and replacing full guard), and triangle.

Glen went to hip throw me, and…. nothing happened. Murfle. That almost always happens the first time someone tries to throw me (or if it’s been a long time since they have). I reminded him, "You’re going to have to squat waaaaaaaaaaaay down to get under my center of gravity."

I am still struggling with the triangle. I am pretty sure I understand all the pieces, and people are insisting that I can’t keep blaming the shortness of my legs. I’m trying to hip up further (That’s almost certainly the largest part of my problem, now that I have fixed my angle issues), but it’s so hard when I’m already exhausted half to death by the time we *start* the drill. I also have to make a ton of little adjustments which take a lot of time- I can’t imagine I’m going to be able to hang onto the opponent long enough to get all my adjustments made. Glen and I gave each other good feedback on the angles, etc of each other’s triangles. We drilled till we were ready to die, though- and it must have been even worse for him, after being out for a month and a half. "Way to dive back in, huh? Aren’t you glad you came back today, didn’t you miss this??!"

I had forgotten that drilling with Glen often means going home with mondo gi burn. My poor chin! Aloe gel and ibuprofen time.

Unfortunately I had to leave before open mat in order to go to work.

Rodrigo announced that after the Seattle school moves (At the end of this month), there will be a small invite-only tournament in the new building on Oct 2. I would like to go to that and at least watch- I’m not sure if I want to compete.

The new schedule is also up- to go into effect after the move. They have the basic BJJ and the advanced class in the same time slots. This is no conundrum for me, as I know I need to stay in the basic class for a while yet. But I’m not happy at the idea that this will likely mean most of the colored belts (including the majority of my favorite training partners) will defect to the advanced class, and I will be working with a bunch of Spazzy newbies. Furthermore, when there’s a Bellevue class and TWO Seattle classes going on simultaneously, who’s going to be teaching that third class? I hope the basics class isn’t going to get sloughed off on someone I don’t like!

Canned Tunafish Cage Wars update: our latest contender is BUMBLEBEE. Bumblebee TKO’s Safeway Brand, but cannot compete with Chicken of the Sea.


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