Ding Ding Ding

JoE asked me the other day why I get such a jolly out of kicking him in the groin. I do love a good groin kick/knee; after all, it’s one of the targets that- as a mouse-sized person- is at handy range. It’s also a great Plan B if whatever technique I’m trying to do is not working. Here’s something that always works. Not rocket science, folks.

I like to make sound effects when I kick a male classmate in the groin- usually some variation on "Ding!" Or "Ting!" and then grin evilly. Sometimes I can’t restrain a giggle. I just want to register that yes, I did get it- and it would have hurt if I wasn’t such a nice person. I’m sure that my male classmates are happy for my excellent control while I am going for these. Anyway, JoE said that it reminds him of a Mario Brothers video game, where you jump up and hit the little brick box with your head twenty times and get a gold coin and a "Ting!" with each hit. Love that association. I told him that I’d kick him in the groin even more often if I thought I’d get a gold coin for it. He said, "Level up!!" I think that’s hilarious. Now whenever I kick him in the groin, he’s gonna hear me holler, "Level UP!!!!"


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