Even a dead fish floats to the top.


Yeah, I had some cookies. And some SpaghettiO’s. I think the SpaghettiO’s were more calories than the cookies- did you know there are 460 calories in a can of those things??!

It was an oven in the Bellevue school tonight. I can only imagine how bad it was up in the loft in Seattle.

I had wanted to come to the 30-min takedown class that was scheduled before the regular class…. but I was a little too slow getting out of the house, and showed up too late. I got to watch about half of it, though.

Standing guillotines, guillotine defenses, breaking the turtle, chokes from the back (ezekiel, clock, and one where you just loop your elbow around opponent’s neck, grab your own lapel and squeeze). I drilled with SK. I like chokes. I really want to get better at chokes.

No positional sparring tonight. 6-min timed rolls with first SK, then Jim, and then Steve. I got tapped a couple times, but seemed to be doing fairly well (better than my usual) overall in terms of postions and escapes with these three larger, stronger (and in the cases of the latter two, more senior and technical than I) opponents. I actually did worst against SK, but he did seem to be muscling a bit- not real bad, just a bit. Both of the blues commented that I had done really well. I kept moving, kept (at least pretending as if I was) going for subs, and when I found myself squashed on the bottom, I kept trying to move around and fight it. No more lying helplessly on the bottom. Even a dead fish (as Bryan is wont to classify me when I do this) floats to the top.

By the time Steve and I were halfway through our roll, we were both ready to die. Sometimes we would clinch up and just lie there for a long moment, sucking air and praying that the other would hold still for just a minute longer so we could get a little gas back.

I wanted to roll more, but my body said no way. I had to lie on my back on the floor in the lobby for a while before I felt like I could drive safely. "You okay?" "Yeah- I’m so hot and exhausted, I think I’m gonna puke." "Roll over if you’re gonna do that." "Thanks. You’re a pal."


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