I have no training to post on my training blog this weekend.

132.5… Yesterday’s little doughtnut interlude notwithstanding….

An unfortunate series of misunderstandings conspired to snafu my private lesson tonight with CK, to my dismay. It might be just as well… I am exhausted and sleep-deprived, and she is still jet-lagged- chances are high that we would not have gotten a lot of constructive work done. Although we might have been able to get some of the inevitable chitchat out of the way so we could get down to serious business next week. I have booked her for Tuesday and Thursday mornings.

I tried at the end of July to get a lesson with CC for Aug 1…. He finally contacted me a couple days ago and suggested this weekend (Sunday)… today he e-mails me AGAIN and wants to slough me off to next week. Next week is totally booked for me. I’ll have to try to pin him down for the weekend of the 21st. This is typical. I think I spend more time attempting to coordinate lessons with CC than I actually spend *IN* lessons with him.

CN is out of town, so no Conditioning Boot Camp; and I had to work this morning/afternoon which necessitated missing Competition Training day at Gracie’s. How’s that for a bummer of an MA-less weekend? I’m so glad I dragged myself to class last night- I’d be kicking myself so hard right now if I’d stayed in bed.

I am very conscious of how fortunate I’ve been to have been gifted with as much high-quality MA training from skilled teachers as I have, GRATIS. These people don’t owe me anything, and I’m grateful for every minute they have generously and kindly donated to help me out. However, I must concede there is a thing to be said for belonging to a commercial school, where you fork over your credit card and then your teacher HAS to BE THERE, consistently, on time, according to some reliable schedule.


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