Big Mac- Filet ‘O Fish- Quarter Pounder……..

……FRENCH FRIES- Icy Coke- Thick Shakes- Sundae- Apple Pies!!!

You deserve a break today! drool


Baked chicken breast with a little honey mustard BBQ sauce for breakfast. Tuna and hard-boiled-egg-whites with a little mayo for lunch (again skipping the wrap- I just ate it with a fork). Carrots. A 100-calorie mini-bag of popcorn. A can of SpaghettiO’s (with franks) before class (don’t give me any guff over this; I have already lost three and a half pounds!!), two scrambled eggs with a little cheese for dinner. I was still feeling hungry after the SpaghettiO’s, and after the scrambled eggs- so my portion sizes are okay (and could maybe even be a tad bigger).

A nurse walked into the lunchroom this morning while I was shredding hard-boiled-egg-whites into my tuna, and said, "Well THERE’S some protein!" She added that it actually looked pretty good. I told her that I’d trade her for a Pop Tart. No such luck.

Someone (Satan, most likely) left an unopened mini-bag of chips on a table in the lunchroom, and a piece of an OREO COOKIE in the grass on the community center lawn right where I chose to warm up. I touched neither. I even wanted the partial cookie, though. In the dirt, and with dog drool or Rickson Gracie knows what on it. Still looked good to me.

This is a terrible way to die, I’m tellin’ ya. Slow and tortuous. A nice clean neck snap would have been more merciful.

One of the bad things about being so tiny is that when you gain three and a half pounds, it is a visible change in your body.

One of the good things about being so tiny is that when you lose three and a half pounds, it is a visible change in your body. thumbsup

Kung Fu Tuesday. While waiting for class to start, I worked on all the dao stuff- Catherine Dao, the Chen tai chi dao form, and the scraps of the Snake Dao that we’ve been working on.

I had intended to recheck my notes regarding technical details of the Snake Dao piece we learned last week, and I forgot- so when I got to the community center, I was like, "Rats….. well, let’s see if I can reconstruct it," I took the pieces I remembered, and decided what the blank spots needed to be according to logic. When we reviewed it later in class, I was very pleased to see that I had reconstructed it perfectly. I had had a similar experience last week with the double stick sequence- I remembered PARTS of it, and I had to figure out the missing puzzle pieces by application, body mechanics, energy flow, and other things I KNEW. It makes me feel really good when I can successfully do that. It means that I’m not just memorizing and regurgitating on cue; it means that I actually UNDERSTAND the material on a level that you can’t when you’re just parroting back what you are shown. Two years ago, I would have never thought I’d be capable of that kind of intuitive analysis.

After warming up with a few forms, we reviewed a little bo stuff- the spinning and turning, stopping on the horizontal and spearing at classmates’ bo’s.

Then we reviewed the Snake Dao stuff. The piece from last week- we were instructed to pair up and come up with our own apps for it. Against unarmed opponent(s), or opponent(s) armed with a Dao or bo. (I got out my rubber knife, too, just to postulate someone stupid enough (or desperate enough) to attack a dao-weilding opponent while armed with a knife.)

I continue to warm up to the dao; tonight I was having a great deal of fun with hamstring slices. Also, the rising-block hand that comes up right before you slice horizontally is PERFECT for knocking the opponent under the chin and tilting hir head up so you can cleanly slice hir throat! Mr. Green

We were given a written assignment- a couple of paragraphs on the topic of "Why is it valuable to train DAO in the modern world of today?" I’ll mull that over for a while and then maybe throw the question out on a couple of MA forums to get other ideas.

Kaungren got a fresh stripe on his blue belt! He PM’ed me to ask whether it meant something if there was a piece of tape stuck on your attendance card. I responded "Yes, it means something; and no, I’m not going to tell you what it is." Wink He found out for himself tonight when he got promoted.

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