Diet aids- sparring and cat eyeballs


Hey, I stumbled upon a very effective dieting strategy. Every day (sometimes more than once), I have to break out the saline and moist washcloths and clean the thick, alternately gooey and crusty, black and yellow goobers out of my sick cat’s eyes. Last night I performed this delightful chore right before mealtime. Appetite: magically gone. After doing that, I really don’t feel like putting anything in my mouth for the rest of my life.


(Aren’t you happy you decided to follow this blog?! Think of how your life would be less complete to have missed out on that visual??!?)

Bunless cheeseburger for breakfast; tuna & hard-boiled-egg-white for lunch (I even skipped the wrap this time). Carrots during coffee break. Before class, more beef and cheese. I’d whore myself for a Three Musketeers bar right now.

Monday evening BJJ in Bellevue. Clinch to reap takedown; side control to knee-on-belly to spinning armbar; the headlock-on-the-ground reversal where you hug the person and roll hir over top of you. I was working with Ritchie. I had to walk him through the techniques. (I rarely play teacher unless asked, but what else can I do when we go to do the drill and the other guy just kneels there and stares at me like a deer in headlights?) One of the suggestions I gave him was that when he did knee-on-belly, to straighten the other leg out and keep it posted far enough back so that I couldn’t grab it. That’s what I was taught last time I went over this technique in class. Then Professor Carlos reprimanded us to not have the leg so far out of the way that it took a year to step around for the armbar. I felt like an idiot then, but I’m pretty sure that I have been told before to NOT leave the leg bent-kneed right by the opponant’s head (which was what Ritchie was doing at first). The hazards of having multiple teachers.

A little positional sparring from side control. Prof. Carlos is evil in that he will often say, "NO HALF GUARD"… sometimes he will even make you do 20 pushups if he sees you get half guard! Starting under side control, and deprived of my all-pupose fallback move, I was in a bad way. Luckily Ritchie is near my weight (altho taller) and doesn’t really have a great wealth of technique yet- so I survived. (I did get half-guard a couple of times, but I scrambled out and replaced full guard or got to my knees before Carlos saw me!). When it was *my* turn to start on top in side control, I ran a clinic on the guy. I am much better on top (or so I’m told). Wink

I caught one painful knee in the mouth. Some women spend hundreds on Botox to get their lips to puff up like mine is puffed up tonight.

10-min free spars. The first lucky student who drew the professor found himself wiggling like a fish on a hook under a mounted triangle, while Carlos leisurely adjusted his gi jacket and retied his belt before finishing the guy off. Lucky me, I got him next! The man loves a good wristlock. (My right wrist still hurts from the one he got on me two weeks ago.) He got another one on me while I was trying to keylock him. But I did escape from his mounted triangle!

After being tossed around by the Professor for 10min, I thought I was gonna throw up. So- no appetite when I came home either.

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