A surprise from Professor Carlos

I had every intention of going to the gym Sunday evening after work and doing some tai chi stuff…. but while I was taking a netsurfing break beforehand, I stumbled across a training blog that one of the purple belts from my school is keeping. Time sort of bled away while I was reading that, and before I knew it, it was too late to go to the gym. No more websurfing till *after* practice, from now on!

Tonight, JM, SK and I went to BJJ in Bellevue.

Everyone is talking about the Revolution tournament, especially this (reported by Kaungren):

"The worst thing that happened today was Carlos (yeah, the black belt from Brazil) put his opponent in a triangle and the guy lifted him way up in the air and SLAMMED him. The guy got DQ’ed, so then he took his gi off, went to put on his referee shirt, and proceeded to referee the purple and blue belt matches. It was unbelievable. Carlos got the wind knocked out of him, it must have hurt, but luckily nothing worse than that."

Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked


Results and some of the pics are up today on the Revolution LLC site…..

Black combined 2nd- Carlos Sievert
Black combined 3rd- Jesse Ruth

Brown 181- 1st- Lance

Women’s blue 163- 2nd- Bianca

Blue 141-154- 3rd- Alisson

White 207-221- Jesse (he’s the one who sprained my ankle- heh heh)

No-gi beginner 202-215- 2nd- Jay (representing Sleeper Athletics)

A few more of ours placed, but those are the people I know personally.

GB Seattle got our collective butts kicked by Lotus Club for the 2nd time in a row (we were the 5-time overall champs before that). Embarassed

Professor Carlos started the class by congratulating those who had competed, and then he said that he wants to see EVERYONE compete in the fall Revolution. He singled out a few people by name and speared them with a significant stare. Including ME!!! Shocked Ack!

I can always tell what our students sucked at at the comp, because that’s what we get drilled to death on for the few weeks after the tournament. Today Pat told us that we are going to be working a lot more on takedowns- that in fact there may be a specific class added just for takedowns. So I guess we sucked at takedowns. Razz I’d love to work more on takedowns, although an entire class of them is going to be grueling and painful. I’d much rather work them in sections of maybe 20 min. Oh well.

Today we did bearhug defense to hip throw to knee-on-belly-with-armbar. Headlock on the ground to shrimping out, throwing your leg over the opponent’s head, prying off the headlock, then armbar the opponent. Then side control to knee-on-belly, underhook and get front mount. If they put a knee up, hop to the opposite side and do the same. Also, one side-control directly to front mount transition, using the knee to block the opponent’s blocking knee.

I drilled with JM. We were both giggling because as soon as I got her arm maneuvered into the correct position for the armbar, two things always happened- 1) I could feel her entire shoulder joint revolve over in a rather alarming fashion, and 2) her entire body did an involuntary little buck. It was actually very helpful for me in finding just the right position.

While we were doing the throws, Prof Carlos came over and spent a long, awkward while trying to ask me something that I just couldn’t comprehend because of the language barrier. He kept asking about "west… west?" and I’m going "Huh???" JM finally parsed it- he was trying to ask me if I wrestled. "No, no." I shook my head, still confused. Then he mimed a low, solid stance. "OH….. I do kung fu." That was cool that apparently I was doing *something* impressive enough for him to realize I had significant previous training of some sort.

After drills, there were some promotions- including MOI, to my surprise! mosh

Although most of the folks that got promoted to blue at the same time I did now have a stripe, I wasn’t really expectng to get one. Partially because my attendance is not getting marked down for my Seattle branch classes, so if you look at my card, it looks like I’m not making anywhere near the minimum class requirement to be considered for promotion. I have observed before, though, that Rodrigo seems to have a preternatural skill for knowing *everything* that is going on in his school and with his students… I dare say he knows very well exactly how often I am in class. And Prof. Carlos has actually rolled with me a few times in the past week or two, so I feel like he must have a decent idea of where I am, dispite his relative newness on the scene… thus it felt good to get the promotion from him.

Kevin also got a stripe- his third on his white belt- I was very happy to see that.

Then some short spars- JM; A four-stripe white who is familiar, yet whose name is escaping me at the moment; Ron; and Daniel. The last thing you want five minutes after you get a promotion is to get tooled on the mat (especially by people you outrank), so I was happy that I did pretty well tonight. I ran a clinic on JM. (I was PARTICULARLY not in the mood to be tooled by her tonight!!!) I actually avoided getting submitted by Ron- which I count as an excellent performance on my part. The other two guys subbed me once or twice, but I did pretty well positioning-wise- so I am happy overall with my sparring tonight.


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