“Makes me want to vomit”- a favorable review.

Since this is the last class before the Revolution tournament, I was braced for a sojourn through hell. But we just did positional sparring and timed matches. I was tapping out left, right and center. But it was a good workout.

Positional relays- spider guard. Then short timed matches- Bianca, Bryan, Kai, Prof. Carlos, Glen. With Bianca, it was here a choke, there a choke, everywhere a choke choke, again…. but at least I did not let her get that blade-of-the-forearm one in again… whenever I felt that little hand creeping across my chest, I exploded out of that position as fast as I could! She still got a lot of chokes (and one triangle) on me, but I made her work for them. Close to passing out a few times… Rodrigo came over once to ask if I was okay, so I must have looked wrung out!

Lessons of the day:

Per Bryan- LET GO OF THE LAPEL when he is on top and starts crawling up my body, instead of hanging on till the arm is straightened and begging for an armbar. Let go and t-rex the arms, at the very least.

He also reprimanded me for letting go when he had me in an almost-armbar, and I had my own wrist- I held on for a long time, while he just patiently pried away, and I knew it was only a matter of time, so finally I let go and tried to yank my arm down- armbar. "Don’t just let go!" "Well, what could I have done from there?" "Nothing- you’re screwed." "Okay, that’s helpful." "But the clock might run out."

Lesson #2- never brace your palm flat on Professor Carlos’ chest- he will wristlock you to within an inch of your life!

I don’t think I did half bad against him, though, considering. He let me get side control at one point, so I must have done it well.


Friday night no-gi at Cindy’s.

I don’t expect this to continue for long, but right now the classes are small and that’s great for us! Tonight it was just SK, JM and me to start with. Jay and John showed up later. (Thank Gods they both did- they are both way too big for any of us to work with!) But since it was just the three of us to start, Cindy asked us what we were interested to work on. SK said "sweeps", I said, "Yes, and stuff to do from half guard". Luckily, we always agree on what we want to work on- since I taught them, they have all my same weaknesses. Embarassed

So we worked on two escapes from half guard, then I asked specifically for things to do from deep half guard- since I always wind up stuck under there anyway. So we worked on the same reversal that Peter had shown us, which was great because we need a lot more practice on that. Then a couple of variations. This is just what I need, although of course it’s going to take a TON more practice before I will be able to pull it off effectively.

I was the demo dummy again- the others (even Cindy) were laughing at the anguished faces I was making. Cindy seems to ascribe to the motto of one of my Insights instructors- "Unless we’re making love, every time I touch you, it should HURT." Or as we call it in our kung fu group, "bonus violence". She will grab a hold on my bicep and proceed to demo a painful technique on me, and all the while- even though this is not the focus, and she doesn’t even seem to notice- her vise-like fingers are practically boring a bloody hole right through my deadening arm. She will stop to talk leisurely for a while about some aspect of the technique, and meanwhile I’m writhing there in agony because she’s still got that absent-minded death grip. Every single thing she does is like that!

She probably weighs even less than I do, but when she gets you in mount or side control, it feels like a school bus parked on your chest.

She is also the master of dancing that thin line between what is legal and what you can get away with! OMG, I would not want to have to fight this scary little woman. It hurts bad enough when she’s being NICE!!! I don’t even want to think about what it would be like to face off against her in a tournament- or even worse, on the street! surrender

She did tell me that I have good shoulder pressure on the throat- "Makes me want to vomit!" Yay!

A few short spars, first me vs JM and then me vs SK. I was pretty tired by then (hey, it was my second class of the day!), and they both dominated me- they both seem to like trying to get some kind of half-assed wrestler’s cradle on me and then just sit there and squeeze. It hurt plenty, but I wouldn’t tap- which frustrated JM.

We had to shut down a little early because the capoiera group that shrares the space was having a party. So abbreviated free rolling time tonight.


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