Drilling with the Improved Allie 2.0

Wednesday night BJJ in Seattle, with all 3 of my minions.

I asked SK on the drive in what he is going to do as far as GB Seattle vs Cindy’s school. He doesn’t know yet. I think it’s good that he’s not automatically following JM’s lead, but he also sounds like he’s feeling kind of *obligated* to stay at GB for at least a year- so I tried to reassure him that he’s not obligated, he has to decide what’s best for him. We had a chance to discuss the pros and cons, including some dojo political/etiquette issues that he was blissfully unaware of. Rolling Eyes So that was good, because I want him to have all the available info to make a decision with. He wants to ask Cindy about whether the parting of ways with GB Seattle was friendly or not. I’m curious, but I won’t ask because it’s none of my business, and it won’t affect my decision either way. It would be nice to know, though- I mostly stay out of politics and gossip, but it’s nice to know just enough to keep yourself out of trouble- what not to say to whom, etc.

I would be happy if he stayed at GB Seattle, for selfish reasons- just because it would be good to have at least one of them still there with me. And I really do think that the greater variety of training partners- especially the bigger ones and the higher belts- would be better for his progress. But I tried to not influence him either way.

I did ask that if he decides to leave GB Seattle, he and the girls should tell Rodrigo themselves instead of taking the cowardly way out and asking Pat to stop their credit card payments…. I don’t want to be the one stuck having to explain to Rodrigo where they disappeared to.

Class consisted of most of the same stuff I did Monday morning, with a few extra guard passes re: spider guard. Bullfight, jerking one shoulder down to displace a foot, kneeling and displacing the foot with your knee.

I decided to drill with Allie, since I still had not done that even once yet. As I walked over there, she was just getting ready to drill with SK- who towers over her to an even more laughable degree than he towers over me- so I snatched her away and Rodrigo put SK with a big purple belt instead. I figured that was better all around!

She’s getting better. Still doesn’t know what to do from some positions, but she has a nice strong closed guard, and she got a couple of decent guard passes on me. I gave a couple of suggestions, but mostly kept my mouth shut and fought just hard enough to let her try working some stuff. At one point Rodrigo yelled over at me asking why I was doing XYZ…. I sure hope he could tell that I was being nice and letting Allie work, and didn’t think she was owning me!

SK disappeared when it came time for positional sparring- I thought maybe he was tired, and was afraid to take a break on the bench in case Rodrigo chivvied him back onto the mat again! But it turns out he took a hard knee-drop in the ribs from that purple belt (and here I thought I had done him a favor- he would have been safer with Allie!). The rest of us stayed through positional sparring, but then we left because JM had a lot of homework and needed to get to it.

Having some trouble with the bo wound on my hand. It’s a little thing, but of course it’s infected. I loathe getting any broken-skin situation on my hands, because 1)it’s a big infection risk at work, and 2)my hands are sweating in rubber gloves all day, so every little scratch gets infected and takes forever to heal. and that’s not even counting 3)BJJ. It’s in a place that’s impossible to bandage or tape, and it’s on my dominant hand. Poo.

JB, the fool, clued SK in on what Cindy had said about tickling being legal. He immediately looked at me and grinned widely. "What are you looking at *ME* for, JB is the ticklish one!" "As are you, and I have more trouble with *YOU*." Great.


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