Dao vs giant mutant mosquitoes

Kung fu Tuesday. No CN this week, so SK led us through some more bo and dao stuff.

Hamstrings are tight and sore today- must be something we did last night, although I’m not sure what. Maybe just kneeling all tensed up in guard being repeatedly choked.

First a few run-throughs of Little Red Dragon, Bung Bo Kuen, and the Northern Mantis Bo form. I continue to be frustrated by the expectation of us all doing forms in sync…. especially Bung Bo. If I’m focussing on staying in sync with classmates, I don’t have any free brain cells left over to focus on things that I need to work on in the form. Thus the reps are pretty useless to me. I already know I can work in sync when I have to- I was a cheerleader/dancer, for Gawd’s sake- now I want to work on other skills. Also, the fact that the biggest thing I need to work on right now (especially in Bung Bo) is flow and rhythm, having to stop and wait for classmates to catch up after every six moves is likewise rendering the entire exercise futile for my purposes. I try to stand way in the back, slightly apart, and hope that I can kind of do my own thing with no one looking at me. But JoE seemed to be getting particularly frustrated because it was going too *fast* for him. I tried to do the next run-through at a sort of "tai chi speed"- slow, but steady-paced without the stops- but that wasn’t working too well. Northern Mantis just isn’t supposed to flow that way. I wonder if it would be useful to try group run-through of the forms in slo-mo first, and then at "combat cadence".

We reviewed the staff spinning stuff- my upswinging portions still feel peculiar, but SK says they look right- so I guess it’s just that they need more practice.

More spearing with a bo at a classmate parrying and countering with a dao.

We also did applications of a section of the Northern Mantis Bo form- defending *against* the dao this time.

SK’s staff has a splintery section, and it BIT me right in the web between the thumb and forefinger. I hope he sands or tapes that thing before next Tuesday. I guess it was exacting revenge on his behalf for last week, when I shaved my dao up his chest at an angle and a fat splinter came off and impaled his shirt- I almost pierced his right nipple for him! Razz

SK showed us a more advanced version of the footwork for the bit of the Snake Dao sequence. It’s a little tricky because it doesn’t allow for the type of momentum-generating body turn that was seeming to be the main point of this sequence.

I also had time to run through Catherine Dao a few times.

The yard at the community center is okay to work out in, but man, the voracious and numerous MOSQUITOES…. they are so big that when you slap one, it makes a thudding sound when it hits the ground!

CN is going back to college in the fall, and my understanding is that he will be handing over the majority of the responsibility for *both* kung fu classes to SK. I’m all the more relieved that I’ve been pulling back a little from that group… no offense to SK, he’s awesome- but the withdrawl of CN is a major blow to our already-depleted resource pool of teachings.

I was dying to ask SK if he’s going to leave Gracie’s… but I didn’t want to ask in front of JM, because I want his honest thoughts on the matter instead of the ones that are coming out of automatically doing whatever he thinks JM wants him to do. (He’ll almost certainly still end up doing whatever he thinks she wants him to do, but I’m just academically interested to KNOW.) I think JM might be in Seattle already tomorrow afternoon, which would leave the carpool to just me and SK. I almost never get a chance to talk to SK privately any more. I’ll ask him about it then.


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