Staff spinning review

(Non-MA) gym time.

I brought my notes so that I could work on the three Tiger drills/formlettes that I had had trouble remembering the last few times. I also worked on one of CC’s Tiger formlettes that he had corrected me on the last time I showed them to him. I am still confused and will have to clarify with him- which hand does the downward Crane-neck strike. I am used to being able to reason such things out by now; but it doesn’t make sense either way!

Then I practiced some of the bo work we had done last Tuesday.

Several run-throughs of the Northern Mantis Bo Form. There are two dangerous spots where I tend to start looping; so I pinpointed these and gave myself a mental jog a couple of moves ahead of time to pay attention.

Staff spinning with the horizontal stops, then spinning with a stop-and-lunge-spear.

Spinning while turning. It took me a long time to reconstruct how the spin has to change with the turn in order to keep the momentum going. But reconstruct it I did, and worked it first turning 180 and 180 to the right (this was the only way I’d tried it in last week’s class), then 180 and 180 to the left. I can do it, but it sure needs more practice. The upswinging loops are not nearly as neat and hard as the downswinging loops, especially on the right side. Eventually I intend to be able to turn 360 and keep it spinning. In both directions.

Note to self, must get out the double short sticks again soon and review those sequences; that is something I haven’t done in a long time.

Leopard Fist In the Mirror; Bung Bo Kuen In the Mirror. Both coming along.


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