“What is this, torture?”

I got trapped in gridlock on 520 and missed half of CN’s Conditioning Boot Camp.

Short sprints, reverse pushups ("bridges"), dips on tree limbs, low scissor stance turns while passing a medicine ball back and forth, "skier" jumps, one-legged squats, double-leg circles while lying on one’s back, burpees with back rolls in them.

I told them about NebS’ "burpee mile". They all agree that he is insane, but must be in phenomenally good shape! I suggested, "New requirement for disciple rank- the burpee mile." Didn’t get a hallelujia for that. SK said, "I’m in the clear- YOU are next!" That guy is not taking me seriously when I have told him that I have no intention of taking that test. Besides which, that was a little uncouth to say right in front of two white sashes who outrank me (MM and Nemesis). Oh, and he does have some inner-bicep fingerprint bruises today, but not as many as I do.

Kick drills while balancing on tree limbs. Front/back/side, then inside crescent/outside crescent. I did not touch my kicking foot down between reps, and still finished well ahead of everyone else. I have Cat balance! mosh CN said, "Obviously I am not challenging you enough," and while we waited for others to finish that one, he made me hang from a tree branch and do double horizontal leg lifts. I didn’t do too well at that, since my hands were too small to get a good hold on the limb and kept slipping.

A woman wandered by while we were doing the rolling burpees, and asked wonderingly, "What is this, torture?" We informed her that yes indeed, that is exactly what it was.

I wanted to get the (non-MA) gym today, but ran out of time. Hope to get in there tomorrow.


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