The Easter Bunny tries (and fails) to choke me out

Wednesday evening BJJ in Seattle, with JB and SK.

I expected it to be an oven up in the loft tonight- but they had all the big doors open downstairs, and while still toasty, it wasn’t as sweltering as I’d feared. Unfortunately, while I was on my back holding guard, I could see a bee buzzing around the ceiling! I have a gigantic bee/wasp/hornet phobia. Luckily, it did not come down to become better acquainted. I would have shrieked like a little girl and fled, not caring who saw! run

We did the same techniques I’d done Monday evening with Prof. Carlos. The guard break and guard pass are ones that I had taught my posse before they came to Gracie’s, so they knew what they were doing. I was drilling with JB, and she asked what I was grinning about. I had to say that I just enjoy it when we do techniques in class that I have already taught them, and I see them doing it so skillfully right off the bat.

My gi burn was ouchie while JB was yanking my lapels down into my armpits, but other than that, it wasn’t that bad.

Positional sparring. While Rodrigo was pairing people up, he had placed a very large guy on the floor in front of him, then he eventually put Rene- another very large guy- with him. He commented to Rene with a grin, "You knew you were going to end up with heem, right?" Rene rolled his eyes, and everyone chuckled… "It was either that or Bianca… or Keetsune." More chuckles. I hollered, "You got off easy, Rene!" Wink

I did some rounds with Bianca (in her Easter-Bunny-lavender gi), Ruben, and JB. Bianca and I were starting from back mount. She would get some kind of a choke on sooner or later, and just lean into it. I’m thinking, "Three more seconds…. I can last three more seconds….. she has to give up- or her arm has to cramp." The woman just does not give up. I thought my head was going to explode. A few times, the clock ran out; a few times, I finally had to tap. She would crawl away gasping, "Kron Gracie Christ!" in her thick Portugese accent… it was hysterical. She kept saying how good I was, and I kept saying, "Not good enough, yet, you’re still getting me!" But she reassured me that I was a lot tougher than the guys. Wink My head felt like a swollen melon from the oxygen deprivation. But I didn’t pass out. No one has choked me out yet. I probably shouldn’t have said that, huh?

Rodrigo was also making us do crunches and pushups in between spars….. I HATE that. He always gets like this when there’s a tournament coming up!

We actually did quite a lot of positional sparring tonight. I was surprised I had that much in me, since I was pretty darn tired before we even started. The friendly peer pressure definitely helps push me when my friends are there. I can’t crumple before they do. JB and even SK were headed for the bench by the last round, but Rodrigo intercepted SK and told him that there was only one more, and he had to finish, and steered him firmly back to the mat. Razz That was too much for JB, and the next time I turned around, she was back on the mat too. So we all lasted, although we were half dead! I stepped carefully down the stairs and there was SK slumped on the water cooler. I couldn’t resist a cheery "No more?" and got a very, very, very firm "**NO**." Laughing I had told him before class that he should ask Lance to roll during open mat- Lance is good to roll with and nice about giving tips. T’will have to be another time, though!

Most of the people who got promoted to blue belt in the same cycle as me now have a stripe… I suspect part of the reason I don’t is that the attendance cards aren’t getting accurately and consistently marked. You are expected to be showing up twice a week consistently to be considered for promotion. My card is in Bellevue, and my Seattle visits almost never get marked. I noticed that I only have 2 marks for the entire month of May and two marks for the entire month of June. I obviously have training blog evidence that I’ve been at class a lot more often than that!! I don’t care much, though.


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