Remember on Monday how I was slightly irritated that SK and JM stood me up for evening BJJ class? I had told them both that I’d be in Bellevue (because JB had to work and couldn’t come to class), and SK had e-mailed me back and said "See you there". Well- no show, no word, no explanation the next day at kung fu class- I thought that was a little rude, but okay, I just blow that off.

Turns out they went to the Seattle location that evening instead. Without telling me. And got their first stripes.

This is stupid of me, I know- but man, am I ever hurt and pissed off.

I can’t imagine what they were thinking. I was really looking forward to being there for that- so I could clap and be proud. I put a lot of time and effort into teaching them, and I’ve been so proud of how they’re doing. I’m so disappointed.

Not to mention that they KNEW I was going to be in Bellevue- no one contacted me about a change in plans- I was deliberately ditched. WTF?

I guess we’re going to have to DISCUSS this tomorrow. I should have done it tonight- but I am fully aware that I’m being a freaky hormonal overreacting b****, and I wanted to try to get a grip on myself first and try to put things in perspective before going off on them about what was most likely some kind of communication misfire.

But damn. Sad My feelings are hurt. And I missed their first promotions; that part at least is unrepairable.

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