Here’s your “Tapout” g-string

I’m going to be amused to see how many extra hits my blog gets today with that subject line. Razz

This morning, I was literally 10 min from walking out the door when my boss called and said they didn’t need me today. It was like being a kid again and having a snow day. Hmmm- back to bed, or go to BJJ class? No contest! (Ok, ok…. it *was* a contest… but I did go to class!)

Guillotine from standup, escape from said guillotine from standup, escape from headlock on the ground (hooking opponent’s leg and then going to the knees), escaping side control to replace full guard, and a great takedown where you yank down on the lapel and circle around the opponent’s body to kneel behind the knee and grab a leg (your outside leg is posted out straight). I really like this one. I was drilling with Bianca, and she dragged down on my lapel so hard and suddenly that I had to struggle to not do a faceplant, even before worrying about any leg involvement. So when it was my turn, I tried to emulate her.

Some positional sparring with Fred (he toasted me again) and Bianca (who mostly toasted me, but I did get one tap on her- which I was really excited about). She has improved soooooo much in the last year, and I told her so. She’s out of my league now.

Bianca has a great new lavender gi. It looks awesome on her. Although Pat told her that she looks like the Easter Bunny. Smile

When open mat time came, I did a few fun rolls with Bianca. She tapped me twice with the same variation on an ezekiel choke. The second time she did it, I said, "Okay, drat it, you have to teach me how to do that!" So she did.

Evening BJJ in Bellevue- Cindy’s class. Same technique set as Monday. I drilled with Daniel. I grabbed him because I haven’t drilled with him much. There are a few people that I always tend to gravitate to drilling with if they are there (like Bianca), but if none of my favorites are present, I’m trying to make a conscious effort to try to work with a lot of different people. Different body types, different belt levels.

I am noticing lately that since I now have a working knowledge of basics and have at least SEEN a lot of these techniques before, I am catching on quicker during the drills and thus having a little more time to experiment. My first six months or so, I would watch a drill and it was like being handed six pages of single-spaced instructions in Swahili… I couldn’t comprehend a thing, and I had to be painstakingly walked through it all slowly (usually multiple times) by whatever unfortunate soul got stuck with me that day. Now, I can usually execute whatever drill I’ve watched- perhaps fumbling a detail or two at first, but I’m not completely lost. So I now often have time to run the drill several times, and then time left over to either experiment a bit or try the drill off the opposite side. Tonight, I had time to experiment with the kimura we were doing, cranking it at slightly different angles to see what worked best on that particular person. I found out that if I yanked Daniel’s arm a bit to roll him slightly up on his shoulder first, I got much better leverage for the lock. I’m excited that I’m getting proficient enough to start playing with variations like that and figure them out for myself.

A little positional sparring from side control- I didn’t do too well against Daniel, but he’s pretty good, so I didn’t really expect to!

New thing: after Bellevue Wednesday night BJJ, there is now a no-gi class. It’s being billed as "grappling for MMA" or "BJJ for MMA". I’m not sure where this is going to go, but tonight it looked pretty much the same as a usual no-gi class except that some people were wearing the padded gloves.

I just watched that portion… Pat gave me some grief for being a bench potato, and I said, "I did morning class too… and I didn’t bring a shirt for no-gi, because we weren’t told about this in advance…. and I’m old." Really, an hour of BJJ at a time is all I usually have the energy and the attention span for. I sat on the sidelines and Pat’s dog Mochi licked my feet. It’s actually rather disgusting to think how many people’s bare feet that dog licks the sweat off of every day. And as I’ve mentioned before, if you don’t watch out, he ambushes you and gives you tongue kisses right on the mouth. (Mochi, that is… not Pat! Mr. Green )

Cindy was telling hilarious stories of being on the MMA circuit and being required to use a certain facility’s gloves- which they would take off you at the end of your fight and put right on the person two slots after you. They also made the women wear groin protectors- again, out of a communal bin. She said, "I had never even heard of such a thing! It looked like a G-string!" Shocked ROFL


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