Monday BJJ

Monday morning BJJ. I drilled with Fred this morning.

The takedown where you hook your leg around the guy’s ankle and slide your hip down his shin to force the back of his shin to the floor- I have done this a few times before, and I just love this takedown.

We also did some ankle picks while we were at it. I kept backing Fred up to the wall and slamming him against it as I picked his ankle; he was laughing, and I explained that I had once had to do that to some jerk who wouldn’t let me do the drill.

Then front bear hug to hip throw to either an armbar or kimura. I haven’t done kimuras much, so I struggled with that one a little.

The escape from side control by throwing the leg over the opponent’s head and either reversing him or armbarring.

It definitely seems like Monday morning class is more complex material than the other "basics" classes.

Positional sparring with Angus- he mopped the mat with me. At one point he crushed my knee too hard, and I had to stop and roll around holding it and gritting my teeth for a few minutes. Rodrigo was right there in about two seconds, asking "Are you okay, Keetsune?" He’s really attentive to that… as soon as anybody gets hurt even slightly, he’s right there.

Open mat- Fred mopped the mat with me again.

The Seattle school is moving… not far, just a mile or two. Bigger, more open space. There may be boxing, kickboxing, yoga, and more stuff (although the extras will probably come with a bigger membership fee). We also we told that Henrique is going back to Brazil in a few weeks. He may or may not be back- he doesn’t know at this time.

Evening BJJ in Bellevue.

JB had to work, so SK and JM and I were supposed to meet in Bellevue instead. They were no-show’s, no-call’s, no-text’s, no-email’s…. What’s up with that? I hope they didn’t go to Seattle instead for some odd reason…. this is stupid, but I’d be disappointed if they got their first stripes and I wasn’t there to watch, clap and be proud.

I haven’t seen Henrique for so long that he thought I’d stopped training. I had to tell him that my work schedule had changed, and I was still training, but different days and times than I had before.

Carlos was there… he had two stripes on his white belt. He was so pathetically clueless his first week. I hadn’t really thought he’d survive. It was great to see him there with stripes on his belt.

Same techniques as this morning. I drilled with Asib, and we were each able to give the other a few helpful pointers.

Positional sparring with several people. Some standup, some side control, some full guard. I wasn’t doing very well today. Everyone was owning me. I did get that half-guard locked on hard several times, though, and people had a heck of a time trying to get out of it. More than one person commented on it.

Relays. I so enjoy Henrique’s relays, this is going to be something I’ll really miss when he goes. Jim did some kind of bastardized scissor sweep on me during the relay that cranked the heck out of my ankle- thank Gods it wasn’t my recently-healed one. I had to yelp, though. It seems okay now- I don’t think it took any lasting harm.

I hurt my hand a little today- not bad, but I am feeling really paranoid about my hands right now. My thumb is almost healed- I still can’t open my car door with it, or pull a strep throat swab out of its tube, or do a decent gi choke- but those are the only three things left that I can’t do yet. But the week of the 20th, I am going to be leading a group of djembe players providing shamanic drumming for a big, important religious event. It is going to involve 4+ hours of a high horse stance with a heavy drum harnessed around my waist, doing continual, hard, fast hand drumming with perfect rhythm and no breaks. It’s a huge responsibility, and I can’t mess it up. I’m hoping my thumb will be up to it, but now I’m starting to worry a lot about incurring any additional injuries to my hands between then and now.


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